It's well known that bereavement and grief affects people in all kinds of different ways.

What's not so well-known, nor so accepted, is the specific affect this can have on work performance, and work attendance.

Some people cope with serious loss by working harder than ever - this doesn't mean to say that they are any more efficient, though. Others find they can hardly lift a hand to hold a pen, let alone anything heavier, or type on a keyboard.

You can help to:

  • minimise absenteeism due to grief and stress-based illnesses
  • reduce days off due to managing a deceased relative's affairs
  • keep productivity at a healthy level for all concerned

You can do this by ensuring that your staff members and employees have taken care of their own end of life plans, and have a clear understanding of loss, grief and how it impacts themselves and their colleagues.  This is where Jane and Before I Go Solutions comes in - we can work with your organisation to ensure this happens, and that the effects of grief in the workplace are minimised. 

One of the side effect bonuses of doing this work is that participants in the courses become much more at ease with the concept of dying, death and grief, and particularly how to be around those at work who are suffering.

Contact us for various packages of tailored courses for your organisation.