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Before I Go Solutions is a social enterprise (aka a not-for-profit)

This means we have a social mission and

 our aim is to have end of life plans become as commonplace as birth plans!

Imagine that!

We plan for every major event in our lives - births, christenings or baby namings, bar mitzvahs or other faith rituals, weddings - but we don't plan for death.

Doesn't that seem a little odd?

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Is there life after loss?

When you’re bereaved, it’s easy to think there will never be any quality of life after loss. It’s such a hard time, but this story gives hope, inspiration and a sense of possibility, especially for those in the older stage of life.

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What’s the difference between end of life plan facilitators and end of life doulas? 

End of life as a phrase has become much more common in the last few years, initially attached to the word ‘doulas’, and now there are end of life plan facilitators, or consultants, and even coaches. So what’s the actual difference?   An end of life doula is someone who is non-medical, and trained to…

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What is the cost of the Facilitators training?

What is the cost of the Facilitators training?  This is a question I’ve been asked a few times.  So here it is in a nutshell, and why it’s that price. Our accredited end of life plan facilitation training costs £1997.   There, I’ve said it, upfront.   Nearly all the marketing gurus say not to…

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How do I create a legacy book?

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings. Here’s how you can leave tangible memories for your children and grandchildren.

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Will Coronavirus Change Our Conversations About Death?

A useful conversation set up by Compassion in Dying (UK), with several presenters, including a breast surgeon (who also has breast cancer); an intensive care anaesthetist; and a palliative care doctor.

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When you get to a certain age it is only reasonable to make a will. But the sad fact is only about half of the UK population have one, and it's similar in the USA. However, there is lots more to a good end of life than just having a will.

In fact, there are 8 essentials needed for a really good end of life plan - find out if you have them in place by taking this short quiz. And just in case you haven't got them all sorted, you'll also receive a free 6-page PDF outlining the 8 Essentials of a Good End-of-Life Plan - and access to our regular newsletter for events, videos, articles, information - and special offers!


Everyone should read this

"Every adult in the English-speaking world needs to read, and use, Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan by Jane Duncan Rogers. It’s a practical, comprehensive, upbeat guide to just about everything that needs to be addressed before you die".

Gail Rubin

A deeper intimacy

"Jane's work has finally got us going on something we had been saying for ages 'would be a good idea', and it is much more than about just the legal necessities. Just as important for us was to explore what each of us needs to know about continuing life without our partner. This has surprisingly brought a depth of intimacy between us - looking at the possibility of incapacity and death for either one of us has not been the dreadful subject one could imagine. Now the ball is rolling it feels good and positive". Hugh & Janet, Scotland

Absolutely brilliant!

"Thanks so much for the BIG course. You are absolutely brilliant at it and the course is very thorough and well thought out. I love your combination of practical, matter of fact information, plus your loving kindness and care for people’s difficult experiences" Lisa Mead, Scotland

An end to procrastination

"I was aware I needed to take care of my end of life stuff, as I am downsizing before a move abroad. But my procrastination had been going on for at least two years!  Finally, through doing the BIG Method course, I have added to what I already have, a document of how I want my final days to be; ring-binder folder so everything is in one place; documentation re who needs to know what, and where it is, including all digital info, passwords, etc." Helen Sharp, England

A sense of peace

"I've always been interested in learning more about the subject of death.I feel like I have a sense of understanding of when it becomes 'my time' to let go of mind, body and soul, but I didn't have any understanding of the other important tasks that should be taken care of before I go. After taking Jane's course I feel more at ease with having my documents completed and a sense of peace that my family and friends will know my wishes for my last chapter in life" Lorrie Tyler, USA

I've learnt to celebrate every step of the way

"After 1 year of Get It Done! coaching with Jane I can honestly say I feel less anxious and more excited when I get to ‘work’! My personal life and business have flourished this past year and I know that working with Jane has contributed to this growth. I can now handle the ‘to do list’ better than before, and I feel more consistent in my life and have learnt to celebrate every step of the way. Jane has gently kept me accountable and I can feel my focus on tasks has improved - I’m feeling my way through them rather than thinking what I have to do. When I do this I feel more aligned when completing tasks and thus am more productive in my work" Grace Kym Thorne, End of Life Doula, England

So many things I had not thought of

I had a will and both powers of attorney in place when I started the Before I Go Method course and thought I was quite sorted! How wrong I was, the course showed me so many things I had not thought of - it was brilliant. Presented in a very interesting and engaging way and hearing the thoughts and experiences of the others in the group really helped me to become clear on what I wanted. The support of the facilitators was immense and they quietly guided the group without ever forcing their ideas on us. I would say do it - it is a fun, an enlightening experience, and once it is done very liberating!" Penn Shewring