Archive | May, 2016

How Mercury Retrograde, Communication and Death Come Together

One of my coaches told me last week that Mercury was in retrograde. In spiritual circles, you often hear people talking about this – I don’t pay a lot of attention to this kind of thing but when referred to, in my experience it has always been about problems with computers, technology, phones etc.  You can…

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When Nothing Goes As Expected – What To Do?

“People have complained about it.” “No – why?” “They objected to the coffin in the window, apparently”. I was amazed. “What? It never occurred to me it might be a problem”.  I, along with my colleagues Kate Clark and Karen Collins had organised a pop-up event to acknowledge national Dying Awareness Week in an empty…

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Pushing Up the Daisies event cancelled due to complaints about a coffin

It is Dying Awareness Week in the UK at the moment, and I’ve had to cancel an event, ‘Pushing Up The Daisies’ that was planned locally. Why? Because members of the public complained to the landlord of the empty shop in which the event was being held. They were distressed by the window display, which included…

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