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Educating, Encouraging and Enabling People to Prepare Well for End of Life

We're a social enterprise (not-for-profit) with a mission: to create a world where we are at ease talking about and planning for death.

Doing this can save unnecessary stress, arguments, and expense when someone dies without an end-of-life plan in place.

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"100% worth it!"

"Entering into this course, I held little expectation other than to complete my EoL plan and to test my skills in supporting others to do the same. However it has most definitely surpassed what I had pictured for myself. Other than my plan being completed, it has helped me so much with my own grief journey (a lot of healing has taken place) eased some of my major fears around death and dying. Given me clarity about choices, some I did not know I even had. Opened up my options to a career that helps people through an extremely important service. Also connecting with some truly amazing people along the way. Not forgetting the fantastic support from Jane and the rest of the team at BIGS. I would highly recommend completing your EoL with the BIGS team and if you are considering the facilitator course, definitely go for it! It is 100% worth it"
Danielle Cole, London, England

"The level of support and knowledge has been exemplary"

"This has been the best training I have done, and I have trained in many therapies! The level of support and knowledge has been exemplary. I have confidence I can begin to do this, I know I have much to learn but this is the only training I have completed feeling this. I haven't felt this inspired about anything since I did a cranial training 35 years ago!"
Penn Shewring, England

"This training allowed me to share my fears and concerns"

"This training has deepened my appreciation of why it's so important to have a positive end-of-life plan! While it's not an easy or comfortable prospect, the training allowed me to share my fears and concerns while at the same time providing me with valuable tools to meet this challenge and a safe space to share my experiences. Thank you!"
Senior Facilitator & Head Trainer, Michael Williams, Canada

"A Humbling Experience and a Chance to Change Lives for the Better"

"The Before I Go Facilitator Training has been a chance to enhance my knowledge, skills and confidence with a view to creating and delivering supportive and informative workshops for those too afraid ‘to go there’, or blissfully ignorant of the fact that end of life planning exists. From learning to delivering, this is a humbling experience and ultimately a chance to change lives on so many levels, for the better.  You don’t often get to say that about a course you’ve been on" 

Trained Facilitator Nuala Lindsay, Scotland

"Jane has a lovely way of making talking about death normal"

"I loved this training! It has given me the background and comfort to help others develop a solid end-of-life plan. I can now talk from experience because I was able to get my own plan in order with a supportive group of colleagues during the training. Jane has a lovely way of making talking about death something that is normal (as it should be!). I definitely recommend this course!"
Trained Facilitator Mary Vargas, USA

"This Training has Empowered Me"

"The Before I Go Solutions Facilitator training course is rich and robust. This training empowers me to feel more knowledgeable and confident in the facilitation of family conversations related to end of life wishes. I am grateful to have the Before I Go Solutions in my training arsenal as I help families achieve a peaceful ending through advanced planning"
Trained facilitator - Maureen Kures, USA

"Thoroughly Recommend this very informative Course"

"I love the fact I have completed my own EOL plan – and it has been a pleasure rather than a chore. We all know such endeavours don’t often make it to the top of our ‘things to do’ list. And yet, if not done, they remain a concern somewhere in our busy minds. It is truly liberating to get these plans made and as a consequence live a more fulfilling life. I thoroughly recommend this very informative course, with its role plays, video critiques, and real life stories that support the learning."
Trained facilitator - Sharon Wood, UK

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