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Find out more about how Before I Go Solutions started and the inspiration behind the company

When my husband Philip died, I never for one moment imagined  I would end up working in this field.

I had been an award winning counsellor and coach for over 30 years, having originally trained personally with the famous Louise L. Hay in 1990, working in the personal growth field in many different aspects. I'd  published books and tapes (well before the internet) and was helping small business owners to reach their full potential when Philip died.

Because of the questions he had answered in his last year, I was well prepared in some respects for the admin side of things afterwards. But there was much more we simply did not know about.

Fast forward to 2018, a year during which both my parents died.  They had completed a comprehensive end-of-life plan each, the one that Before I Go Solutions offers, now known as the Before I Go Method®.

My three siblings and I had no disagreements at all, over what was a pretty stressful period (my parents both died unexpectedly within the same week in 2018).

As my parents' executor, I simply had to follow all their thoughtful instructions. What’s more, it was easy to find everything, and I took great solace from knowing I was carrying out what they wanted (and that they had known I would do this).

I am incredibly grateful and appreciative for the organisation they had so carefully thought through.

I know from personal experience how hugely important this preparation work is, and now I and my training team want to help you to help others do this too!

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Meet the Team

James Barrett - Executive Director

I am a certified End of Life Planner and the Executive Director of Before I Go Solutions, creating a world where we are at ease talking about and planning ahead for death.

I also founded MyGoodbyes.co.uk as a place to talk about death after my dad died from cancer and I learned how hard it is to talk about death with someone who is dying.

Through our Party, Planner, Insights and Expert Panel, we help people to put their own plans in place ahead of time. We also help you to understand the needs and wishes of those you love.

If we can help one person plan for what can otherwise be an impossibly difficult journey, we will have made a difference.

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Faye Temperley - Chief Product & Operations Officer

As Chief Product and Operations Officer, I lead the creation and production of our offerings, including courses and the app. I oversee the daily operations, ensuring seamless execution and delivery. My role bridges strategic development and operational efficiency to drive the business forward.

Michael Williams - Head Facilitator

Michael Williams - Head Facilitator

Michael is our Head Facilitator and works closely with Emma and James to lead a growing and wonderful team of trainers to deliver the training. He also works with individuals and groups as an End of Life Planning Facilitator.

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Emma Satchell - Community Manager

Emma is our Community Manager, looking after all our students and others in the community.  I am also a certified End of Life Planner with Before I Go Solutions, see more here and I am also an independent funeral celebrant. Through some personal losses I had experienced just how beautiful and healing a funeral ceremony can be and I wanted to be able to offer other people a really personal experience, tailoring a ceremony that genuinely reflected their loved one and also gave them a space to collectively mourn.

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Meet our Board of Directors

Clare Chapman

I trained as an accountant in Dublin in the ‘80s and have worked in a variety of accounting and systems-based roles in different industries and sectors. During a maternity break of a few years, I studied homoeopathy and trained as a Bowen Therapist and learned to see the world through a wholistic lens. Drawn back to accountancy because of a strong desire to help create a more equitable and prosperous world through business, I set up Conscious Finance Limited to explore a deeper meaning of money and finance. I now support conscious leaders and organisations to embrace an understanding of finance which can transform their own lives and their organisations.

 Clare Stirzaker

I am a listener and creative thinker, who loves getting to know people and helping them deal with life's many challenges. I am a leading Private Client Partner & Solicitor who provides families and individuals with the support and advice they need to assess how best to own and manage their business and wealth.


Saif Siddiqui

After an initial desire to work in aerospace, I rapidly pivoted to technology and business consulting. I have over 20 years international experience in strategic advisory, mergers and acquisitions and target operating model implementations. I have delivered numerous programmes of work across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in various industries including aviation and transport, retail, financial services and telecoms. I have also enjoyed mentoring numerous established businesses and startups, as well as coaching internal client staff to achieve their full potential. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and crafting. I recently also started a small handmade leather goods brand.

Meet the Founder

Jane Duncan Rogers - Founder

I founded Before I Go Solutions in 2017 after my husband died and I discovered just how important planning in advance for a good end of life is. You can read more about my personal story here.

In 2023, I stepped back from running the company and now have an advisory role, and as an ambassador for the company. I also work part-time as a life and death coach and educator, on and offline, and am based in the north of Scotland. My second husband (also widowed) and I are building an eco house, and creating a new life together doing that. 

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Before I Go Solutions End of Life Planning Faciltators

Before I Go Solutions is supported by an expanding team of certified End-of-life Plan Facilitators.

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