About us

Jane Duncan Rogers - Founder and Chief Officer

I founded Before I Go Solutions in 2017 after my husband died and I discovered just how important planning in advance for a good end of life is. It's enabled me to bring together over 25 years in coaching, personal growth leadership (I was the first person to lead the famous Louise L Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' study groups in the UK and Europe) and small business mentoring.

I live in a small town in the north of Scotland, have been running online groups since 2007, and am mad about my garden, the new house my new husband and I are building, and my solo early morning walks.  You can read more about me here

I very occasionally work 1:1 with people, not just regarding end of life plans, but helping you make sense of life in the face of death; if you are interested please contact me.

All the work we do here at Before I Go Solutions would not be possible without all these fabulous people behind the scenes. So here are the Directors of our social enterprise, our growing team of Facilitators, and our Back-Office Wonders:


Crispin White - Chair

My role at BIG Solutions is to advise on marketing. Over 35 years ago I began my career in a direct marketing agency, before working in management consultancy across U.K., Australia, Europe and USA. I now work as an adviser and interim marketing director. My areas of expertise include developing effective international marketing strategies, marketing programmes and managing marketing teams that deliver a better return on investment. I am also a non-executive director of Bequeathed - a legacy fundraising company for charities.

Christopher Raymont - Accounts Manager

Since retiring from a full-time job for a local Charity I've focussed on helping social enterprises with their book-keeping.  For Before I Go Solutions, I also provide an advisory service and a presence on the Board, having had many years of experience in running social enterprises.  When I'm not book-keeping I have clients whom I help to grow vegetables and care for fruit trees.  (I also help Jane with her garden, seeing as I live nearby).

Liz TaylorLiz Taylor - Company Secretary

With a long-standing  and valuable background in providing guidance for FTSE 250 companies and boards of directors, Liz now helps individuals navigate end of life matters. Liz is a trained and licensed Before I Go End-of-Life Planning Facilitator and our Company Secretary.

Clare Chapman

I trained as an accountant in Dublin in the ‘80s and have worked in a variety of accounting and systems-based roles in different industries and sectors. During a maternity break of a few years, I studied homoeopathy and trained as a Bowen Therapist and learned to see the world through a wholistic lens. Drawn back to accountancy because of a strong desire to help create a more equitable and prosperous world through business, I set up Conscious Finance Limited to explore a deeper meaning of money and finance. I now support conscious leaders and organisations to embrace an understanding of finance which can transform their own lives and their organisations.

Saif Siddiqui

After an initial desire to work in aerospace, I rapidly pivoted to technology and business consulting. I have over 20 years international experience in strategic advisory, mergers and acquisitions and target operating model implementations. I have delivered numerous programmes of work across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in various industries including aviation and transport, retail, financial services and telecoms. I have also enjoyed mentoring numerous established businesses and startups, as well as coaching internal client staff to achieve their full potential. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and crafting. I recently also started a small handmade leather goods brand.

Before I Go Accredited Facilitators

Michael Williams - Head FacilitatorMichael Williams - Head Facilitator

Michael is our Head Facilitator and works closely with Jane to lead a growing and wonderful team of trainers to deliver the training. He also works with individuals and groups as an End of Life Planning Facilitator.

Before I Go Solutions is supported by an expanding team of End-of-life Plan Facilitators.

Click here to see the full list, or check who is in your area.

Back Office

Vee Tanner - p/t Web Tech Wiz

I’m an online marketing strategist who loves teaching small business owners how to build websites that convert. I’m here to tinker, tweak and refine the Before I Go website, email automations, workflows and user journey, making sure all the different components play nicely with one another so that lots more people interested in end of life planning can easily find us and what they want.