Jane Duncan Rogers - Founder and Chief Officer

I founded Before I Go Solutions in 2017 after my husband died and I discovered just how important planning in advance for a good end of life is. It's enabled me to bring together over 25 years in coaching, personal growth leadership (I was the first person to lead the famous Louise L Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' study groups in the UK and Europe) and small business mentoring.

I live in a small town in the north of Scotland, have been running online groups since 2007, and am mad about my garden, the new house my new husband and I are building, and my solo early morning walks.  You can read more about me here

I very occasionally work 1:1 with people, not just regarding end of life plans, but helping you make sense of life in the face of death; if you are interested please contact me.

All the work we do here at Before I Go Solutions would not be possible without all these fabulous people behind the scenes. So here are the Directors of our social enterprise, our growing team of Facilitators, and our Back-Office Wonders:


Tim Slack - Chair

My role is the Before I Go Solutions chair supporting the board members. I have had a long interest in ensuring we plan and prepare before we go. My background is on local government regeneration, community based economic development and youth work  and the voluntary sector. My home is in Forres and I am the co-founder of the UK's most well-known development  and training company: Appreciating People

Christopher Raymont - Company Secretary & Accounts Manager

Since retiring from a full-time job for a local Charity I've focussed on helping social enterprises with their book-keeping. When I'm not book-keeping I have clients whom I help to grow vegetables and care for fruit trees.  (I also help Jane with her garden, seeing as I live nearby)


Pamela Anderson

With over 40 years in HR and Training I have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of business in the private, public and third sectors.  Since 2013 I have set up my own consultancy, The Essence, helping people to transform their lives using coaching/mentoring tools whether in business or personal life.  I take an holistic view, using a variety of tools and techniques.

Cornelia Featherstone

I am a retired GP and have worked in community based caring in the Findhorn Foundation Community for about 30 years. I work to create the community I want to live and die in. So "looking after our own" is the connecting strand throughout all my work.  I work mainly with local projects.


Andrew Hunter

I assist with strategy and business development.  After ten years in the music industry, I transitioned to financial services working with Imagination as a Project Director, advising and leading complex global roadshows for investment banks and their clients based mainly in Japan and Hong Kong.  After 8 years in Japan and Hong Kong I decided to return to Forres for a quieter life!


Ian Shearer

As Jane’s husband, I have seen Before I Go Solutions grow and evolve over the years and am pleased to have been a small part of that, filming and editing some of the videos, and helping develop some of the documentation. I am “retired” from a career of Computer Systems administration, and currently building a new house for us.

Before I Go Licensed Facilitators

Before I Go Solutions is supported by an expanding team of End-of-life Plan Facilitators.

Click here to see the full list, or check who is in your area.

Michael Williams - Head Facilitator

Having spent much of my life as a mental health counsellor, teacher, and a Story Coach, I've had the privilege of listening to people's stories and helping them make sense of them. The hardest story, of course, is that of death and dying. After living for 30 years in Scotland, I've recently moved to Canada to get to know better my youngest grandchildren. Read more...

Back Office Wonders

Kellie Blondel - Facebook Wizard

I am a Virtual Operations Manager. In my role at Before I Go Solutions I take care of content so Jane can get her message across to you in many different ways, so you always feel supported and have your questions answered, whether that is via the Knowledge Hub on the website, posts on Social Media, or editing her wonderful videos. Jane has such a wonderful story to tell and such a vast amount of information to share that I have the great pleasure of making sure that happens.

Michael Dresser - Website Wizard

I support Before I Go Solutions' website, emails, and integration of behind the scenes systems which keep things running smoothly. When not working for Before I Go Solutions I’m an intimacy and consent coach, workshop facilitator, and educator, teaching across the UK and Europe.

Karen Luedtke - Training Co-Ordinator

I have a background in Education and help to co-ordinate all aspects of Before I Go trainings. Having taken part in one of Jane’s first in-person workshops on End-of-Life Planning, I am delighted to now support the inspiring vision of BIG Solutions. I also work as a coach and bodywork practitioner as part of my own healing arts business.