Introducing the MyGoodbyes App

Together we will help you to talk and plan for end-of-life.  We have you covered whether you want to complete on your mobile or hard copy.

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Let's start with MyGoodbyes Party

Perfect ice-breaker to get your family, friends or network talking about end-of-life.  Sharing wishes, stories, memories and hopes bringing you together to tackle the taboo.

How many people in the UK
DON'T have a will?

No will or end of life plan doesn't mean no wishes

We know over 54% of the UK don't have a will in place but that doesn't mean they don't have wishes they want for their end-of-life.

Party Testimonial

“Helping my family understand my wishes in such a fun way, doing the party really made the experience so much more enjoyable. The questions made it a more pleasant experience for us all & we learnt so much about each other.”

David – MyGoodbyes Party host

Why its important?

It can be difficult to talk about death, especially when making real plans for what’s ahead, and sharing your wishes with friends and family. Stigma means it’s not a topic of conversation we have every day, but with a MyGoodbyes Party you get to have fun whilst discussing a really important topic which can help everyone when you die.

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Why you should have a MyGoodbyes Party?

  1. It can be difficult to start the conversation
  2. It's FREE
  3. It gives you an opportunity to share your wishes but also hear the wishes of those that mean the most to you