Children's Hospice Week

Children’s Hospice Week

By Sean / June 22, 2022 /

What is Children’s Hospice Week? A children’s hospice is an organisation which helps facilitate palliative care for young children. Children’s Hospice Week, which runs from June 20th to June 26th this year, helps spread awareness around the UK for all related child hospice services.  This year, the theme of Children’s Hospice Week is #ForTheChildren. Aiming…

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3 Tips on Finding Out What your Legacy is

3 Tips on Finding Out What your Legacy is

By Sean / June 15, 2022 /

What will your legacy look like? If you had to choose one thing you’d be remembered for, if you were gone tomorrow, what would it be? In other words, can you identify your legacy?  It can be quite difficult, depending on the life you’ve had until now you may not have even thought about it. …

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What is National Growing For Wellbeing Week

What is National Growing For Wellbeing Week?

By Sean / June 9, 2022 /

Can Gardening improve emotional wellbeing? Clean cut grass, fresh flowers, birds chirping, there can be a subtle peaceful environment when a garden is looking healthy, can’t there? Similarly in life, to make something great it often needs time and commitment to have it grow into something special.  Today I’ll be discussing the benefits growing your…

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How To Plan Effectively

By Sean / June 1, 2022 /

How will you be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee this week?  Street parties, family gatherings and a whole host of events, this week’s Jubilee has been planned effectively to get this summer off to a great start!  Like all great things, preparation is key and the Queens platinum jubilee is no different.  To celebrate the Queen’s…

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How to deal with Stress

By Sean / May 25, 2022 /

Why is dealing with stress so difficult? By its own definition, stress is your body’s way of telling you to take action.  As students across the country face their final exams, let’s look at what stress is, how to manage it and how it can be used to get your End of Life Plan started (or…

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