Attention everyone who knows they need
to attend to their end-of-life matters, but are just not getting round to it!


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Would you like to:

  • know just what questions have to be answered about end-of-life to cover everything that's needed?
  • finally get going on something you've been meaning to do for ages, but just don't get around to doing?
  • have everything kept in one place, so it's easy for you and your family to locate?
  • be certain you haven't forgotten anything?
  • minimize the chance of family arguments after you're no longer here?


You  might be familiar with those nagging thoughts at the back of your mind when you realise yet another year has gone by and you haven't done what you intended to do

You keep your fingers crossed that it'll all be alright - after all, most people live on to a very old age, and you're not near there yet.

Maybe you're afraid your partner will die first, and you'll be left high and dry, not only emotionally, but also because you don't know anything about your family admin/bank accounts/the kitchen territory.

Or you're concerned you'll lose your independence when you're older and become a burden on your children or friends.

But imagine it all done...

Just imagine for a moment that you are proudly standing in your living room, showing your child, partner or good friend your copy of the Before I Go Workbook.

That's your end-of-life plan, all in there.

All 6 sections are completed in full, with your wishes and information neatly laid out, and you're telling them it's exact location.

Wouldn't that be great?

Think of the sense of relief, satisfaction and pride you would be feeling, having finally got round to attending to all this!


I know how very important this is, because in 2018 my parents both died within the same week.

A year previously, while they were still well,  they had completed their Workbooks.

While I and my siblings were stunned at the unexpectedness of losing them both in such a short space of time, the admin around the death, funeral and executor duties was made easy - because of what they had entered into their Workbooks.


(These are their Workbooks opposite, an earlier iteration of what is on this page).

I am SO grateful to them for what they did in this respect. It was a completely selfless act on their part, and so much appreciated by me and my brothers and sister.


And they felt good, knowing they had taken care of it all!


So just imagine - that could happen in your family too.

Hopefully, your own death will still be far away. But it will come, as it comes to us all, and knowing that all the admin to do with it has been taken care of really allows you to forget all about that and focus on fully living, right now!


So what is actually in the Workbook?

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The Workbook covers the 8 components of a good end of life plan.

  1. Legals - covering wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and in some countries, the advance directive or living will
  2. Last Days - linking in with your life values and advance directives this section also covers just how you want your last days to be
  3. Household - a frequently forgotten area, there's a whole lot of questions to answer here about how your household works, not to mention how your financial life works!
  4. Funeral - did you know there are 25 (at least) questions to be answered about the organisation of your funeral?
  5. Digital Life - these days you live on well past your death, unless you make a decision now about whether you want that or not
  6. Living Legacy - your live, creative piece about your life and how you want to be remembered. Invaluable for those left behind.
  7. Shared - none of the above is possible without conversations about it all
  8. Written Down - the presence of the Workbook itself covers this vital final part of a good end of life plan.


So here's just a taste of some of the questions:

  • What do you want done with your body after your death?
  • How do you want it dressed?
  • What do you want done with your social media presence?
  • Do you want to write your own eulogy?
  • Who would know your passwords?


And this is just a tiny sample of many more things to consider that will give YOU peace of mind now, and give your relatives less hassle, heartache and hopelessness after the end of your life, just like I have experienced in relation to my parents.


You will also create peace of mind for yourself

This is huge and not to be underestimated, not least in the amount of energy it takes NOT doing something you know is a good idea! And after your death it will bring your loved ones:

  • Comfort
  • Less administrative hassle
  • Reduced costs
  • Solace in a time of stress
  • Practical knowledge they were loved
  • Save them the burden of difficult decisions

So I highly recommend you complete this Workbook. It is probably one of the most practical and loving things you can do for those you care about.

I know it's a bit of a gloomy subject, but take it from me, it can actually be enjoyable!

I feel empowered

"Very well-thought-out workbook and handouts. I feel optimistic about my end of life arrangements and indeed about ageing without children; I feel empowered now and no longer a victim of circumstances".

Mary, England

Very Helpful

"Thank goodness. Alex completed your workbook.  I'm so glad she did; her instructions were quite clear, which I found very helpful".

Frances, an executor in Scotland


"Very comprehensive manual, all in one place, so manageable and I can't lose bits of paper as I usually do".

Liz, England

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