Attention if you know you need
to do your end-of-life plan, but you're just not getting round to it!

Before I Go Print WORKBOOK or fillable PDF

Choose the digital copy for immediate download to complete on your computer and get started NOW.

Or get the print version (UK/Europe only) and sit down with your pen, ready to fill in your answers that way

Would you like to:

  • know ALL the questions that have to be answered about end-of-life, making sure you cover absolutely everything?
  • finally get going on something you've been meaning to do for ages, but just don't get around to doing?
  • have everything kept in one place, so it's easy for you and your family to locate?
  • be certain you haven't forgotten anything?
  • minimize the chance of family arguments after you're no longer here?

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The Workbook covers the 8 components of a good end of life plan.

  1. Legals - covering wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and in some countries, the advance directive or living will
  2. Last Days - linking in with your life values and advance directives this section also covers just how you want your last days to be
  3. Household - a frequently forgotten area, there's a whole lot of questions to answer here about how your household works, not to mention how your financial life works!
  4. Funeral - did you know there are 25 (at least) questions to be answered about the organisation of your funeral?
  5. Digital Life - these days you live on well past your death, unless you make a decision now about whether you want that or not
  6. Living Legacy - your live, creative piece about your life and how you want to be remembered. Invaluable for those left behind.
  7. Shared - you are encouraged to talk about it all with the relevant people
  8. Written Down - the presence of the Workbook itself covers this vital final part of a good end of life plan.

Creating peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones

Your own peace of mind is not to be underestimated, not least in the amount of energy it takes NOT doing something you know is a good idea!

And after your death it will bring your loved ones:

  • Comfort
  • Less administrative hassle
  • Reduced costs
  • Solace in a time of stress
  • Practical knowledge they were loved
  • Save them the burden of difficult decisions

So I highly recommend you complete this Workbook. It is without a doubt one of the most practical and loving things you can do for those you care about.

I know it's a bit of a gloomy subject, but doing it the Before I Go way, it can actually be enjoyable!

If you want some help with it...

you can get that from one of our trained and licensed End of Life Plan Facilitators. Whether a one-off session, a course or more, they will steer you through the end of life plan waters to the other side where your plan is completed.

I feel empowered

"Very well-thought-out workbook and handouts. I feel optimistic about my end of life arrangements and indeed about ageing without children; I feel empowered now and no longer a victim of circumstances".

Mary, England

Very Helpful

"Thank goodness. Alex completed your workbook.  I'm so glad she did; her instructions were quite clear, which I found very helpful".

Frances, an executor in Scotland


"Very comprehensive manual, all in one place, so manageable and I can't lose bits of paper as I usually do".

Liz, England

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