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TedX talk now over 5000 views!

If you haven’t yet looked at my TedX talk, do please!  Called How to Do A Good Death, it reached 5000 views on Wednesday, and I got all excited, sharing it everywhere on Facebook (and it has now been seen by another nearly 200 people, woo hoo!)

It starts with a wonderful image of the Universal Hall in Findhorn, and on the bill that night was the famous Caroline Myss, so there must have been 375+ people in the audience.

I was terrified, and had practiced at least 50 times, but I am SO GLAD I did it!

It makes my heart sing to see people sharing it, and the seed being planted of how very important this topic is.

Here’s the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An0k3s8pTXc

And do share it as much as you like!

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