What happens if I die alone at home?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / August 9, 2023 /

‘What happens if I die alone at home?” is a question that was posed in our Facebook group, Before I Go: End of Life Conversations. Sadly, if you haven’t thought about this in advance, then what happened to Grace’s Dad could happen to you or someone you know. He was living alone,  aged 74,  was…

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The Before I Go Method DiY end of life planning course

What Happens (To My Work) When You Die?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / June 6, 2023 /

When you are self-employed, or have a small business, what happens to your work when you die is a bit more complex than if you are an employee. For instance, if you are a health practitioner, or a professional who has clients, what would happen to those clients if you die suddenly?  Or even die…

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how to talk about death and dying

How to talk about death and dying

By Jane Duncan Rogers / May 4, 2022 /

Talking about death and dying can be met with horror especially if the conversation seems out of the blue. A colleague Juli told me she had told her daughter what she wanted for some of her funeral service, and was taken aback when her daughter rounded on her and told her to stop talking, it…

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How to keep my end of life plan secure

By Jane Duncan Rogers / February 22, 2022 /

You may have read in the press, all about Biscuit Tin, who a few days ago were on Dragons Den (equivalent to Shark Tank in USA). Sheila Hogan, who founded Biscuit Tin as a result of her parents’ deaths, had a similar idea to mine when I started Before I Go Solutions – which is…

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Podcast The Discomfort Practice interview with Jane

Podcast Interview with The Discomfort Practice

By Vee Tanner / January 18, 2022 /

Betsy Reed of The Discomfort Practice interviewed me for her podcast. Podcast interview with The Discomfort Practice If ever there is a discomforting conversation, it is about death. But this particular one includes much more. In this podcast interview with The Discomfort Practice, Jane shares insights about her personal journey through grief and what came after.…

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How to get end of life planning actually done

How to get end of life planning actually done

By Jane Duncan Rogers / November 2, 2021 /

When you know end of life planning is important, and you know you want to get your end of life plan actually done, there’s a few things that need to be put in place first, to set yourself up for success.

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how to choose a funeral director image

How to choose a funeral director

By Jane Duncan Rogers / October 25, 2021 /

Choosing a funeral director isn’t something often mentioned in polite society. Because it means acknowledging the fact of death. but it’s kinder to those you leave behind if that decision is already taken care of. Here’s 5 tips how to pick a funeral director before it’s really needed.

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how to get my family to let me go-lo

How to get my family to let me go

By Jane Duncan Rogers / September 17, 2021 /

When you know you’re dying but your family can’t accept the fact. This article shares 3 tips how to get your family to let you go.

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Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

By Jane Duncan Rogers / December 3, 2019 /

  Right now, there is probably an elephant in your room, lurking. It’ll be either deeply hidden behind the furniture, or able to be seen but stuck in the corner of the room, or in some cases, it might be right in the middle of the room, and people pass around it. I call this…

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3 Tips for Making End-Of-Life Conversations Easier

By Jane Duncan Rogers / November 20, 2019 /

How do we bring death out of the closet and into our lives, without the terror? We need to start talking about it again. Here are some pointers to starting a conversation in a world that is afraid of the one thing that statistics say will happen to 100% of us.

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