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How to choose a funeral director

By Jane Duncan Rogers / October 25, 2021 /

Choosing a funeral director isn’t something often mentioned in polite society. Because it means acknowledging the fact of death. but it’s kinder to those you leave behind if that decision is already taken care of. Here’s 5 tips how to pick a funeral director before it’s really needed.

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When Your Parents Die, What Happens?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / November 14, 2018 /

Someone said to me recently that when your parents die, if they are old, have led a good life, and are ready to go, then you don’t grieve so much. I have recently discovered both the truth and untruth of this, when my Dad died on 25th September, and then my Mum died just a…

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Taking a Child to a Funeral: Yes or No?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / October 11, 2017 /

I watched my friend’s 5-year old peer down into the tiny grave. Surrounded by a group of somber people in the small churchyard, some sobbing, he was curious to see what was in the bottom of this hole in the ground. We were gathered to say goodbye to a tragedy – a baby who had…

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Cost of Funerals Rising More and More

By Jane Duncan Rogers / September 18, 2016 /

Cost of funerals these days is going up. No-one wants to know of course. Until they get a big shock (at a time when they are least able to deal with it). The 2016 Cost of Dying Report from SunLife Insurance shows that:     Just 1% know ALL the deceased’s funeral wishes 22% don’t…

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