Life Passion & Business podcast

By Jane Duncan Rogers / August 14, 2018 /

This podcast is about Jane story it’s about that journey that she went on with her partner Philip, and it’s about what came out of it, and it’s about how you too can discover what it is about yourself that makes his life so valuable.  

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Dessert Highland Discs – With Laura Bruce

By Jane Duncan Rogers / July 25, 2018 /

Those of you in the UK will probably know of the famous Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4; this radio show is similar in format but crucially (and perhaps essentially in the colder climes of a Highland island, PUDDING – ie dessert) – can be taken with you!

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Breakfast With Erica – 12Radio

By Jane Duncan Rogers / July 21, 2018 /

Listen to a fascinating conversation I had with Erica from Breakfast with Erica on 12radio.

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