Interview with Glenn Moore, November 2015

By Jane Duncan Rogers / November 23, 2015 /

An illuminating conversation with Glenn Moore. It’s all great (not that I am biased, of course!), but particularly check out at 29.38 where I talk about feelings coming and going, and at about 44 minutes in where I answer the question: ‘have you come to any practical understanding of the perennial question ‘who am I?’

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Death Chicks Show – Interview, October 2015

By Jane Duncan Rogers / October 1, 2015 /

Patty, host of the show said: “We love the openness and how she shares. Jane’s book is like an invitation to explore the places that even SHE says she didn’t want to go, and then she did.  That is what I mean by a guide or a way-shower.  She goes first and then says… “C’mon,…

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