The Before I Go Solutions Facilitators Licence

Help Others in Later Life Prepare Well For a Good Death

If you:

  • Are in a place of transition in your work/life
  • Want to offer something extra-special to your clients
  • Like work with a difference, that MAKES a difference AND can bring an income

AND you love helping others in later life,

then our End of Life Plan Licensed Facilitators Programme will be for you!

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If you:

  • love the idea of helping others be more at ease talking about dying, death and grief
  • like being with those who may be facing their own end
  • are moved to facilitate the transformation of others' attitudes towards life and death
  • maybe had your own experience of someone dying
  • love supporting someone grow through learning new things

AND you want to increase your ability, your credibility, and your confidence in this area, (not to mention standing out from others) then read on...


You might have had to take care of your parents or someone else close to you who has died, and realized the last thing you want is for your own death to be like that.

Or perhaps you’ve been an executor where the person who died was organized, and you understood what a huge blessing that is.

Maybe you just feel comfortable with this subject and want to help others  feel more at ease too.

Whatever your own circumstances, one thing you do realize is that with the onset of coronavirus, and an aging population in many places, more and more people are having to admit to something they have found unpalatable before –

that they themselves are going to die.

Would you like to play your part in making talking about death as easy and effortless as possible?

If you do, then join us in the Before I Go vision...

To have end-of-life plans be as commonplace as birth plans!

Can you imagine that?

It would mean that general conversations would include the word 'death' with no comeback; that death would no longer be a taboo topic; and that we would all be more prepared for when our own end of life arrives.

This Before I Go Academy training in end-of-life planning is part of that vision.  If this idea lights your fire, you want to make a contribution in this way to the world,  and have yourself, your family and others benefit from making good end-of-life plans, then welcome, you are in the right place!

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Who am I?

Jane Duncan Rogers, founder of Before I Go Solutions and the B.I.G. Academy.

When my husband Philip died, I never for one moment imagined  I would end up working in this field.

I had been an award winning counselor and coach for over 25 years, having originally trained personally with the famous Louise L. Hay in 1990, working in the personal growth field in many different aspects. I'd  published books and tapes (well before the internet) and was helping small business owners to reach their full potential when Philip died.

Because of the questions he had answered in his last year, I was well prepared in some respects for the admin side of things afterwards. But there was much more we simply did not know about.

Fast forward to 2018, a year during which both my parents died.  They had completed a comprehensive end-of-life plan each, the one that Before I Go Solutions offers, now known as the Before I Go Method®.

My three siblings and I had no disagreements at all, over what was a pretty stressful period (my parents both died unexpectedly within the same week in 2018).

As my parents' executor, I simply had to follow all their thoughtful instructions. What’s more, it was easy to find everything, and I took great solace from knowing I was carrying out what they wanted (and that they had known I would do this).

I am so incredibly grateful and appreciative for the organised way they had so carefully thought everything through.

So I know from personal experience how hugely important this preparation work is, and I want to help you to help others do this too!

I am so incredibly grateful and appreciative for the organisation they had so carefully thought through.

So I know from personal experience how hugely important this preparation work is, and I want to help you to help others do this too!

"This has been the best training I have done, and I have trained in many therapies! The level of support and knowledge has been exemplary. I have confidence I can begin to do this, I know I have much to learn but this is the only training I have completed feeling this. I haven't felt this inspired about anything since I did a cranial training 35 years ago!" 

Penn Shewring, England

As a successful, licensed Facilitator you will:

  • Be able to work with people individually, and groups/families, both on and offline
  • Have completed your own Before I Go Workbook, and thus your end-of-life plan
  • Upon successful certification and licensing, be authorised to use the Before I Go Solutions® materials
  • Have increased confidence in talking about these matters with all kinds of people, whether family/friends, colleagues or strangers
  • Receive ongoing support, resources and training after graduation
  • Receive a copy of the  Before I Go Workbook, a copy of Jane's book  Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan’ and a copy of our End of Life Planning Card deck
  • Have access to the Before I Go Method® online course to take your clients through

"This training has deepened my appreciation of why it's so important to have a positive end-of-life plan! While it's not an easy or comfortable prospect, the training allowed me to share my fears and concerns while at the same time providing me with valuable tools to meet this challenge and a safe space to share my experiences. Thank you!"

Head Facilitator Michael Williams, Canada |

CONTENT OF Licensed Facilitators Programme

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

These sessions offer you live support while you progress through the training at your own pace. They include a mix of Q&A time, partner exercises, study buddy get-togethers, presentations, discussion, videos, and role plays to help you become confident, clear and have the courage to bring this work to those you want to benefit.  They happen on Thursday evenings (UK time).

Part 1: The Personal - Your Own End-of-Life Plan

Part 1 of this programme is you completing your own plan, and this course is the one which your clients will get access to through you.


Here's what is covered:

Module 1: Lessening the Household Headaches

Module 2: Advance Healthcare Decision Making

Module 3: Looking After the Legals

Module 4: Designing Your Digital Life and Finances

Module 5: Taking Care of the Body

Module 6: Eulogies and Keeping It All Updated

This tried and tested Before I Go Method® has been developed over the last 5 years, working with individuals both on and offline to enable them to complete their end-of-life plans.  You can find the full contents  here, and it is this course you will be taught to facilitate.


All modules are accessed through a dedicated learning platform, Membervault, with a mix of reading matter, video/audio lessons and thought-provoking questions to inspire you.

The weekly live coaching calls help you consolidate, get questions answered, discuss with other students, and provide you with an opportunity for accountability - making sure you do what you say you are going to do!

Part 2: The Practical - Doing Death Differently


Part 2 takes you through all that is needed to be able to communicate wisely and well with others about all aspects of end of life planning.  In these classes, we cover:


Class 1: Necessary end-of-life conversation skills – listening and talking so your conversations in all areas of this subject are fruitful, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate, in all situations.

Class 2: Understanding bereavement and the impact it has, so you can compassionately and wisely be aware of how best to support others at a difficult time.

Class 3: DIY death – the multitude of things you and your family need to know to enable engagement of a funeral director to be lessened, or not used at all.

Class 4: Advance Care Planning – how to make sure all the ducks are in a row for this to contribute to the good death that most people say they want, but don't get.

Including homework, this all leads to you having the foundations in place to move on to Part Three, where you are taught to apply what you have learnt so far in an easily structured and enjoyable way, to offer as a licensed facilitator of the Before I Go Method®

Part 3: The Practicing - Becoming a Licensed End-of-Life Plan Facilitator


Here, we apply all that has been learnt in a way that best meets the needs of your community, be it virtually or in person. This is what we cover in PART 3:



  • How to work with groups, online and offline, so you feel confident in running successful events.
  • A proven in-person group format that works to engage, inspire and result in your participants taking action.
  • The Before I Go Method® group outline so you can feel reassured they are learning what they need to know.
  • How to access the Before I Go Method online course, for your clients benefit and a great plus to your own offering.
  • Action-taking skills, so you and your clients can be sure the 'doing' will happen.

BONUS 1:   Assisted Dying. This module is for those particularly interested in helping participants explore the moral and ethical dilemmas this topic brings.

BONUS 2:  Who Am I and What Is A Body? An understanding of being more than a body is helpful to some, and in this optional module you gain an introduction to this.

Part 4: The Promoting - Marketing Your End-of-Life Planning Service

Here we give you an introduction to how to really get yourself noticed, resulting in a steady stream of interested people. The topics covered in PART 4 will set you up to welcome your first client:



  • How to identify your ideal clients, so they can easily recognise themselves and be attracted to your work.
  • How to write/say what your prospective clients really want to hear, so they say yes to you really easily.
  • Pricing and money mindset – how to price your work and leave with the tweaks needed so that this drops away as an issue for you.

Part 5: The Incubator - 3 months free membership of our Fab Facilitators Community

This unique part of our training offers you all the support you need in the critical time following your training. You will have complementary access to our CORE PLUS License benefits including the Fab Facilitators community.


This means you get regular coaching calls and peer support to help you graduate and get your own EoL Planning work off to the best possible start!

During this 3 months, you will have access to:

  • Further training on topics such as How to get your first clients, Working with a Lawyer, How to Craft your Elevator Pitch and much more...
  • Ongoing marketing/implementation support through the monthly calls, so you continually attract more clients
  • Our Resources Bank that is always being added to so that you have the latest best practice and tools to hand
  • Guest Expert webinars/interviews

You will use this 3 month Incubator time to:

  • meet the graduation requirements
  • receive your graduation certificates
  • decide what kind of license (see below) suits you best and
  • get all the help you need for taking your first steps as a licensed BIGS facilitator in the world

Your License Options - Core or Core Plus

You will be fully accredited as a Licensed End of Life Planning Facilitator upon successful completion of your training. There are two different licence options to choose from to reflect the level of support and benefits you feel you need.


After all 4 parts are completed, and all graduation requirements fulfilled, you will be ready to receive one of the following License options:


The CORE License which authorizes you to:

  • practice as a Before I Go Solutions® End of Life Planning Facilitator
  • use the documentation as permitted in the training, including the BIGS Facilitator logo
  • have your bio and photo on our Facilitators page on this website


The CORE PLUS License which includes all CORE License benefits, as well as:

  • use of the BIG Method course (PART 1 of your Facilitator training) to sell to your own clients
  • membership in the FAB Facilitators Community with
  • monthly mentoring meetings to support you in developing your work
  • access to further specific trainings, tailored to your needs at the time and
  • up to date resources, all designed to help you bring this valuable work to the world

BIG Method Course for your own clients

Access to our BIG Method course for all CORE PLUS Licensed facilitators is another unique aspect of our Before I Go Solutions offe


Why this offer is so valuable:

  • It comes as part of the Core Plus Licence, so anything you charge your client goes straight into your pocket. There is no referral fee.
  • As a BIGS Facilitator, you are authorised to support your clients going through this online programme. That gives you huge credibility. You don’t need to create an online course yourself, so you save yourself time, money and hassle.
  • The course has already been taken successfully by hundreds of people, so it is a proven way to enable people to get their plans done. Your job is simply to give them the live support they need to take action.
  • Your clients have more trust in the process, because they know you have gone through the exact same course yourself as they have

"The Before I Go Facilitator Training has been a chance to enhance my knowledge, skills and confidence with a view to creating and delivering supportive and informative workshops for those too afraid ‘to go there’, or blissfully ignorant of the fact that end of life planning exists. From learning to delivering, this is a humbling experience and ultimately a chance to change lives on so many levels, for the better.  You don’t often get to say that about a course you’ve been on" Trained Facilitator Nuala Lindsay, Scotland

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"I loved this training! It has given me the background and comfort to help others develop a solid end-of-life plan. I can now talk from experience because I was able to get my own plan in order with a supportive group of colleagues during the training. Jane has a lovely way of making talking about death something that is normal (as it should be!). I definitely recommend this course!" 

Trained Facilitator Mary Vargas, USA


What you pay:  

The financial investment to become a licensed, accredited End of Life Plan Facilitator is a training fee payable over 5 months at £449.40 per month (approx US$575), with the first payment securing your place on the training.  (There are longer terms plans available if you wish).

Alternatively, to pay in full, the payment is £1997 (approx US$2515).

Once you have completed PART 4 of your training, you then are part of the Incubator Period, where for 3 months you have free access to the monthly support calls, further learning opportunities, and peer learning and support, plus of course up to date resources. 

During this time, you will be choosing how you want to progress forward with your Licence. There are two options:

  1. CORE License - £197 per year (approx. $258)
  2. CORE PLUS License - £29.99 per month (approx. $40) or £300 per year (approx. $385)


Your time investment:  The course modules are approximately 32 hours of lessons, plus a weekly call of 60-90 minutes. Outside of this, you should allow time for background reading, and other homework.

Depending on how much of your own end-of-life plan you have already completed, how much reading you do, and whether or not you want to watch the bonus modules, you can expect to spend between 1 - 3 hours per week on each of these modules.

"I realized I was missing a very important element in my work helping people through their cancer journey, as I had not paid attention to the end of life process. The course has enabled me to ensure that my clients and their families have a good end of life experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and particularly found the mentoring system extremely useful"

Krista Hyer, President, Cancer Support Group, Mallorca

Register for the Information Session

Enter your name and email to register for our FREE information session about becoming a Before I Go End of Life Plan Facilitator

Frequently asked questions:

"The Before I Go Solutions Facilitator training course is rich and robust. This training empowers me to feel more knowledgeable and confident in the facilitation of family conversations related to end of life wishes. I am grateful to have the Before I Go Solutions in my training arsenal as I help families achieve a peaceful ending through advanced planning" Trained facilitator Maureen Kures, USA

"I love the fact I have completed my own EOL plan – and it has been a pleasure rather than a chore. We all know such endeavours don’t often make it to the top of our ‘things to do’ list. And yet, if not done, they remain a concern somewhere in our busy minds. It is truly liberating to get these plans made and as a consequence live a more fulfilling life. I thoroughly recommend this very informative course, with its role plays, video critiques, and real life stories that support the learning."  

Trained facilitator Sharon Wood, UK

Please read our Online Sales Terms & Conditions before purchasing. This includes details of our cancellation policy. At Before I Go Solutions® we respect the privacy of our customers. Read our policy about how we collect information, what we do with it and what controls you have.

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