How To Answer the Big Questions of Death When You Are Alive

How to Answer the Big Questions of Death When Still Alive is the name of the latest podcast from a wonderful site called Death Goes Digital.

I was interviewed by the charming founder of Death Goes Digital, Peter Billingham, last week, and we had a most engaging conversation, including what music I’d have playing at my own funeral, and what would be the book and film I would recommend people read before they die.  No doubt these will change if I live another twenty years but it’s very healthy to think about them now.


Click on the link below to listen in to this fascinating half-hour podcast, covering all sorts, including

  • how the new posthumous messaging services will impact grief in the future when the dead don’t stay dead
  • what is my online strategy
  • how I approach marketing in this industry

I’ve never been asked these kinds of questions before, so it was very refreshing!


And listen in to more great podcasts at Peter’s site, Death Goes Digital, here

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