Arguably the Best Valentine’s Present You Can Give A Loved One!

The best Valentine present? Really?  Well, I’m sure you know someone, or know of someone, who’s had an administrative nightmare after a family member has died, all because they didn’t sort their affairs out before they popped their clogs.

A colleague of mine, Heather, had that experience when her Dad died suddenly. It took her three years to get his estate finally settled. Three years!
So I want to ask you this question:


If you had died yesterday, how would your family or friends be affected?

  • Would they have an easy time of it, and be grateful to you?
  • Or would they be swearing at you, wishing you could have made life easier for them?
  • Maybe your family would even be having arguments in your name


I’m sure these are the last things you’d want.


After all, if you treat your family with love and respect now while you’re alive, why would you want them to have any other kind of experience after you have died?


The thing is, you have to take action now to avoid all those possible hassles, headaches and heartaches.

Next Monday, 13th February – the day before St Valentine’s Day – I am offering a free webinar:


 5 Things To Do Right Now To Save Your Loved Ones Headache and Heartache After You Die.


Yes, I’ve offered this before – but there’s more info in this one, and updated things to do too!  I will also be telling you on the webinar all about my new online course, starting on Monday 20th (if you want a sneak preview of that, you can see it here)

But if you just want a taste of what you can do to:

  • Give yourself relief
  • Feel reassured
  • Know your family will be well taken care of (and that’s not just financial by any means)
  • Start putting in place an end of life plan


then get on this call with me and start putting that Valentine’s Day present in place!

You’ll end up in a position where you will be giving your loved one the really unusual and yet hugely loving gift of being well prepared for your own end of life.

Here’s the link:





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