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Here are all the licensed Before I Go Solutions Facilitators - to contact them, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on 'Contact us' and then put their name in the subject line, along with your message.

THEY ARE ALL WORKING ONLINE as well as in-person (in accordance with local guidelines re coronavirus)


Cornelia Featherstone, Findhorn, Scotland

I am a retired GP and have worked in community based caring in the Findhorn Foundation Community for about 30 years. I work to create the community I want to live and die in. So "looking after our own" is the connecting strand throughout all my work.

One of my projects is End-of-life Planning as this is for me one of the most effective ways to bring sanity and sovereignty into my own life. And I benefit hugely form others doing that. I had the blessing of my mother who was willing to do her E-o-L plan with me - and I wish that blessing upon everyone who has to go through loss.

I offer Dead Good events - introductory group conversations to end-of-life planning as well as one-to-one support for people to get their personal life plan done.

I work mainly in Moray, Scotland.

Jane Diamond, Stroud, England

I graduated from the Before I Go Academy in July 2018 and now run workshops to help people make a solid end-of-life plan. This is alongside my work as a funeral director at a progressive, independent undertaker's in Stroud, Gloucestershire where I live.

I have been running a death cafe locally for three years and have also started my training as an end-of-life doula with Living Well Dying Well.

I am a member of Gloucestershire Bereavement Forum and have a background in body psychotherapy.



Diane de Vivo, Melrose, Massachusetts, USA

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a licensed facilitator in the Before I Go Method®, Diane focuses her coaching practice on coaching people through conversations on death, dying and grief, and on making decisions to ease people through the death
and dying process.

Diane is also a “cat rescuer” and assists people in finding the perfect cat match for their family. She has begun coaching people who are grieving the loss of a pet.

Diane lives with three cats of her own and any number of foster kittens who have come through her home,  before finding their own forever homes.


Maureen Kures, Washington, USA

After more than 30 years in the healthcare industry as a registered nurse, Maureen Kures is no stranger to end-of-life issues. She has seen first-hand the devastation that can occur when families don’t have potentially difficult discussions with family members – the same discussions that could have helped everyone weather the loss of a loved one in a more productive and positive manner.

Today, families hire Maureen to protect and empower them through facilitated discussions, planning, and preparation for end-of-life transitions. Her skills and experience create a safe space to discuss a wide range of issues, from health care directive to the disposition of personal property. The result? Less drama, trauma, and chaos – and families in alignment with the wishes of their loved ones.

Maureen’s uncommon advocacy provides safety, clarity, hope, and guidance to her clients.

She is a licensed facilitator in the Before I Go Solutions Method.


Michael Williams, Ph.D, Canada

Following the death of my mother in 2013, I became seriously ill and was admitted to hospital with a life-threatening infection. During the month I was there, I had lots of time to reflect on my mortality. I’d also lost three of my best friends within a space of a few years and was still reeling from a recent divorce. Not surprisingly, I was beset by profound grief.

It was around this time that I discovered Jane Rogers’ book “Gifted by Grief” and learned of her work around end-of-life planning. I signed up for one of her workshops and found it to be a very healing experience. This led to exploring her “Before I Go Method” course. I found that having the space and encouragement to discuss our thoughts and feelings about death and dying actually helped to liberate me from my fear of them. So when the opportunity came up to train with Jane, I jumped at the chance.

The training course not only provided me with lots of content relevant to end-of-life planning but it also gave me the opportunity to bring my training and experience as a counsellor, teacher, and professional storyteller to the work. Today, I not only have my own end-of-life plan in place but I also have the honour of facilitating the Before I Go Method programme for others and coaching participants online.

After living in Scotland for thirty years, I now make my home in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and am available for both online and one-on-one consultations.

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