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Facilitator - Anna Demo

Anna Demo - a licensed End of Life Planning Facilitator based in London, UK.

Creating your End of Life Plan needn't be morbid or difficult.

Get guidance with your end of life plans with Anna either 121 or in her group programmes

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End of Life planning needn't be something to dread.

Get your end of life plan sorted with my guidance through either 121 programme or join a group programme where you get the support of your peers.

I'm Anna Demo and I've been helping people with their end of life planning since 2020.

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There's no need to flounder along wondering what to put in your end of life plan, get my help today.

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Other Services I Offer

  • Funeral Director
  • End of Life Doula
  • Estate Planner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Licensed Celebrant


About Me In brief

  • I am an end of life planning facilitator
  • I love web tech and setting up systems
  • I am open, honest and hands on
  • I was born and bred in London and live on the outskirts of West London in Egham, Surrey with my husband, Andy Tanner, 1 of my 2 adult daughters and her partner
  • I love simplifying the seemingly complicated
  • I’m half Danish and half Goan, which means I have an all-year tan, speak a bit of Danish and love eating pork and Anton Berg marzipan
  • I believe tech should make our lives easier
  • I sew and crochet for fun.
  • Sometimes I tread the board for my local theatre society
  • I love tech and figuring out how best it can help me and my clients

Some final message that urges them to not waste anymore time not getting their eol plan done and get peace of mind with my guidance and assistance.