Facilitator - Kathleen Odom

What plans are on your agenda today?

I would like to offer a suggestion, have you considered having "the talk" with your family?

A heart-to-heart talk preparing and organizing your last wishes for your end-of-life.

You take final control, make the decisions needed now and leave your family a lasting gift of love and peace.

EOL plan facilitator Kathleen Odom

+1 (432) 559-5358

Midland, Texas, USA

A Fresh Approach

For our initial free consultation, we can introduce ourselves via a phone call, in-person (if possible), over a cup of coffee at a restaurant, in your home or a Zoom meeting.

I will explain the carefully, well thought-out process of how to organize your own personal EOL workbook and/or online course, all within a 3-month time frame.

Just imagine...storing your legal documents, financial records, household items, funeral arrangements, digital data and much more, all in one location!

I will provide support, encouragement and guide you through each chapter step-by-step.

There is no right/wrong answer, there are no mistakes, you can make changes whenever it's required.

You will grow and learn during this journey, as I discovered completing my own workbook.

One important lesson that was instilled in me during my preparation was to enjoy life to the fullest every day!

The Benefits of Thoughtful Planning and Peaceful Transitions

Planning reduces stress, avoids family conflict, lowers expenses and provides peace of mind in the family's tender time of grief.

Make thoughtful choices now, give your family the tools needed to finalize arrangements instead of the overwhelming 3-4 days, wondering what did they want?

One of my desires is to calm any fears you may have regarding the "D" word.

I would love to serve you, provide you freedom from anxiety and ease the burden on your loved ones.

"You cared for your family when living; continue your loving legacy through planning."

Next Step

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About Me

I love the old adage, "I've never met a stranger" because that is how I feel when I meet new people.

From Minnesota to Texas, my work experience includes sales, teaching and diverse opportunities with different telephone companies.

Currently, I'm working as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a Seniors Specialist, a consulting service advocating for seniors/family to find quality care in their changing seasons of life.

I am excited to add, a certified End-of-Life Planning Facilitator and can guide you through an easy-to-follow method of preparing your EOL.

I have two beautiful children, and five grandchildren who are my pride and joy.

I love reading, dancing, learning to play piano, traveling, long walks and participating in 5K's.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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