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What is your legacy? How have you so far lived?

End-of-life planning isn’t just about what happens when you die, but is a way to honour how you have so far lived, making space for you to consider your life yet to come.

My name is Jennifer McConnell. I am a business consultant and accredited life and business coach. I have as varied a working background as a life lived. With a few knocks along the way, I became curious about end-of-life planning, and made sure to put as much in place for myself as I could. Inspired by the work of Before I Go Solutions, I trained as a facilitator, and through this training realised the broad expanse of information that I myself hadn’t thought of before my training began. I quickly realised the importance of being guided in end-of-life planning, so I am now delighted to be able to bring my training and life experience together for you to benefit.

I launched Living Legacy at the end of 2022, to help everyone get their plans in place - whether for a business to future proof their mission through succession planning, or for individuals and families to build their legacy through end-of-life planning.

Jennifer provides a safe space


"Jennifer provides a comfortable, safe space to talk about and help guide you through certain issues/obstacles in professional or personal life"

What is Legacy Building?

When you consider your life so far lived, what are the highlights? Who inspired you and who matters to you in your life? Our values, our identity, and our achievements, all make up our legacy. Yet for our loved ones, our legacy is the part we played in their lives.

Considering your legacy is a great way to take stock, reflect, and acknowledge all that your life has been. Getting your end-of-life plans in place helps to honour this, and makes space for you to consider all you still want to get done.

Many believe the story of our life can only be written once it has happened. Now is a great opportunity to take charge in writing the chapters yet to come and take care about your death and dying before it has even begun.

Where I Work

Based in Ireland, I work remotely with clients from around the world. A seasoned traveller, my clients are based from as far away as Asia Pacific, to the USA, and closer to home in Ireland and across the waters in the UK.

Helping you to create a personal plan that will help you get your affairs in order and make space for the adventures that are yet to come, I look forward to helping you navigate the journey.

So that you can feel sure I’m the right person to guide and support you through the end-of-life planning process, I invite you to book an introductory call at https://calendly.com/livinglegacy-ie/introduction From there we can then agree the process forward.

"Jennifer is an exceptional coach and mentor. Going above and beyond in providing resources, tools, and actionable advice, her guidance has been instrumental in helping me overcome obstacles and achieve my goals as an entrepreneur. I am very thankful to have come across her in my career."

How we will get your plan done

Addressing your end-of-life plans can be daunting, with many holding off until the time will be ‘right’.

However, the ‘right’ time is right now, as this will help bring you ease in knowing that your affairs are in order, and you can take comfort in knowing that no matter what happens others can now know how best to care and commemorate you, in line with your wishes.

This coaching is held in one-hour sessions (90-minute sessions also available) on zoom, WhatsApp or in-person (if based in East Clare or in Dublin, Ireland).

We will begin with one-to-one sessions to focus on you and your plans and wishes.

If there is a need to include other family members or loved ones this can be discussed and agreed.

These sessions will help you:

  1. Focus on you, your life, and your goals
  2. Identify the key areas you want to focus on for your end-of-life planning
  3. Explore any blocks to progressing with this work - don’t worry, many people hesitate when it comes to exploring their own dying and death - we will work together to help you become comfortable considering and planning for this
  4. Access the Before I Go Solutions Workbook
  5. Support you as you work through this workbook
  6. Agree to a completion schedule*
  7. Set out your ambition for your life yet to live and create a plan to help you get started.

* finalising your end-of-life wishes, getting the necessary formalities in place, and communicating to your loved ones can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your availability and willingness to work through any obstacles that may be present to prevent you getting everything in place.

I recommend these sessions take place every fortnight or weekly.

Monthly sessions are also an option, but it is important to build and continue the momentum of this work rather than leave too much time in between sessions.

My goal is to support you through this process, ensure you are given a safe, supportive environment to get your plans in place, and for you to feel confident you have everything in order so you can get on with your future.

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“I had the privilege of working with Jennifer from Living Legacy, and I must say that her expertise as an end-of-life coach and succession planner is truly invaluable. When I initially approached her services, I thought it would be a mere checklist of tasks to complete. However, Jennifer's approach went far beyond that; she enriched my understanding of the process.

Jennifer encouraged me to delve deeper, asking thought-provoking questions that prompted me to reflect on my values and how I wished to be remembered. This profound perspective shift allowed me to put essential plans in place while I am still healthy and well, ensuring that my wishes and values are honoured.

One of the most significant insights Jennifer provided was the importance of trust. She guided me in identifying individuals I could rely on to take care of me and uphold my wishes in the event of impairment or passing. These conversations were not only practical but deeply meaningful.

Jennifer's kindness and thought-provoking discussions allowed me to gain clarity in my perspective and purpose. Her approach is compassionate and empathetic, making the process of planning for the future a profound and enriching experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer from Living Legacy to anyone seeking guidance in end-of-life planning and succession. Her expertise, combined with her ability to foster meaningful conversations, is truly a gift. Jennifer's services have not only empowered me to make informed decisions but have also enriched my life by helping me define what truly matters.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your invaluable support and guidance.”

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Business Consulting - Future Proofing, Succession Planning, Culture & Values Review, People Development

Coaching - for Business, Career and Life

About Jennifer McConnell

A certified End-of-life Planning Facilitator with Before I Go Solutions since October 2023, I am an accredited Executive and Life Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

With over 25 years of a career in business leadership and human resource management, I have an academic background in business, anthropology and sociology, with a keen interest in community, culture, and systems.

I founded Living Legacy  to encourage people to build and live their legacy.

I do this through coaching, mentoring and business consulting - for businesses to future proof their mission through succession planning and people development, and for individuals through end-of-life planning and life coaching.

My mission is to help you define your legacy to date to help you determine your legacy yet to create.

Human to my dog Beal, I am currently appreciating the opportunity to care for both of my parents as they age.

I regularly enjoy singing with a local choir, reading non-fiction, and getting out and about to enjoy nature, gardening and photography.

I am a voluntary radio presenter with my local community radio station and love to bring my own social research academic background to learn more about individuals, communities, and their living experience to help identify solutions for the betterment of society as a whole.

There is definitely a book within us all, so I strive to live a fulfilling life to be able to write my own book to capture my own legacy. Let me help you to fulfil yours.

To fulfil your ambition you must have the will to do it.

Contact me now to begin.