3 Benefits Of Having An End Of Life Plan

What Is An End Of Life Plan?

An End Of Life plan is a document which illustrates how you’d like your affairs to be arranged in the lead up to, near to, and after your death. 

It’s a common misconception that an end of life plan is primarily about creating a will, although having a will is essential, it is not all that goes into having a plan. 

From saving funeral costs to final wishes, today will be focused on looking at the benefits of what a finished end of life plan can do for you in one particular instance  –  after your death.

A Clear Mind

Let’s look at what Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, said to a group of university graduates in 2005. 

‘’Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.’’

What does this mean and what does it have to do with end of life planning? 

When thinking about death, all emotions such as pride, ego or other people’s opinions of you quickly vanish. 

You’re able to think clearly, without any conflicting messages or negative thoughts clouding your judgement. 

Everybody is different, some people find a real sense of community by discussing and helping others deal with death. 

Whilst others are the opposite, they may be afraid to think about death. Or perhaps even feel paralysed with moving forward in areas of their life. 

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, Before I Go is an excellent book to help in this type of situation.

But back to thinking clearly and avoiding a clouding of judgement.  

What if you could use this thinking about end of life plans as a way  to help your loved ones?

End Of Life Plans Help Loved Ones

What if you could leave instructions to your family for after you’re gone to help them out?

Instead of leaving difficult choices to them, why not make things easier? 

For such a simple idea, surely everyone must do it? 

Sadly not. 

A theme with most deaths is that one person in the family ends up with the brunt of the work.

This, accompanied by the grief that person will be going through, is a sorry image that happens too often to families everywhere. 

But what if you could fix that? 

That’s where an end of life plan comes in.  

Fully cost the funeral expenses and make it so the financial obligations aren’t left to any unsuspecting family members. 

Communicate and clearly outline what assets, if any, will be passed along to loved ones. This avoids confusion and any potential conflict that may occur. 

Leave a list of how you’d like to be put to rest. Why give that extra pressure onto someone else? 

In that previous sentence you’ll notice a particular word was emphasised.. 

Choosing What Happens After Death On Your Terms

Be the master of your universe, even after death, on your terms.  

You have the freedom today to choose how you want to be remembered in the future. 

Leave lasting memories, wishes or exciting ideas after you’re gone. 

Because why not? 

There is a cliche to the phrase ‘you only live once,’ but it’s true!

Whilst your family is rightly grieving of your death, you could leave behind some notes or video recordings to help them through the grieving process. 

Want to be put to rest in an eco-friendly manner? Leave a detailed instruction manual with all costs accounted for so that your body can be put to rest in the eco method of your choice. 

Or perhaps you’d like to secure your legacy. If you have memoirs, make sure they’re published; pass along personal stories to loved ones or even ensure your social media pages, if you have any, can be updated after you’re gone 

The point is that you have the freedom and flexibility now to choose what happens after death just the way you’d like to. 

How many other mammals or living beings can do that? 


It’s a very human-centric gift that is taken for granted. 

The ability to not only be aware of one’s death, but to anticipate and plan ahead is a powerful concept that is sadly lost to most individuals. 

Get ahead of protecting your legacy or helping loved ones, if you haven’t already, get your end of life plan finished, it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Create Your Own End Of Life Plan

If you’d like to learn more about End of Life Planning and how to make yours, visit www.beforeigosolutions.com

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