3 Reasons To Choose Green Embalming For Your Burial

Why Green Embalming is the Future for the Burial Industry 

The process of green embalming has the power to change the burial industry forever. As eco-conscious families around the world look for a more earth-friendly way of embalming bodies, this article looks into the reasons why green embalming for your burial could be the answer. 

3 Reasons to Choose Green Embalming for Your Burial

3 Reasons for Green Embalming  

Reason 1: It’s More Eco-friendly for the Environment 

Did you know that burials have a 10% higher environmental impact than a cremation? 

Besides cemetery and gravesite maintenance over the years, embalming fluid plays a significant role in damaging the environment.

This is a real concern because the infiltration of these chemicals can lead to massive repercussions.

In particular, damaging and infiltrating our water supply and crops.  

To solve this problem, non-toxic, biodegradable alternative solutions are what green embalming consists of. 

These eco-friendly solutions naturally break down organically into the soil, instead of hurting the earth like traditional embalming does. 

Green embalming provides a clean alternative for loved ones whilst also keeping our soil healthy for decades into the future. 

Reason 2: It’s Healthier for Funeral Workers 

Unknown to the wider general public, the formaldehyde-based solution used for maintaining bodies for burials can be extremely hazardous when in contact with human skin. 

Dealt with improperly, this solution can lead to irritation, infection and possible burns to funeral care workers if handled wrongly. 

To address this issue, healthier embalming provides a non-toxic and biodegradable solution that still preserves the body and restores its appearance.

This means the same results can be found with traditional embalming methods whilst making the process safe and hazard free.   

Reason 3: It Creates a Green Legacy for the Afterlife 

What makes green embalming so successful is that it avoids the knee-jerk headaches that can come with going green. 

Green embalming keeps the traditional way of burials whilst making  it easy to say goodbye to your loved ones in a green and eco sustainable manner. 

This allows you to feel assured  that your body  won’t be damaging the soil long after you’re gone. 

And that gives us all a friendly reminder that, even after death, we can still play our part in making the world a green and healthier place!

A win-win for everyone, including planet Earth.

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For more information, take a look at The Natural Death Centre. Moreover, feel free to explore other resources and initiatives that relate to your area!

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