3 Tips on Finding Out What your Legacy is

What will your legacy look like?

If you had to choose one thing you’d be remembered for, if you were gone tomorrow, what would it be? In other words, can you identify your legacy? 

It can be quite difficult; depending on the life you’ve had until now, you may not have even thought about it. 

Here’s three tips on discovering what you may be remembered for, looking at proudest moments and impacts made on others, and how mentoring can play a large role in this.  

Everybody’s legacy is of course unique to them, but there are some similarities that we all share. 

3 Tips on Finding Out What your Legacy is

3 Tips on Discovering Your Legacy 

Your Proudest Moment 

Find yourself a calm environment, one without any noise or distraction. 

It can be your living room, garden or any place you can find peace and silence. 

Take a few large breaths, listen to what’s going on around you, the wind outside, the noises in your body. 

Ask yourself the question, ‘What am I most proud of?’ 

It’s okay if you can’t figure it out now, focus on the calmness and keep thinking about your life. 

Was it getting through a tough time?

Was it graduating from a higher level of education? 

Or maybe bringing a child into this world for the first time? 

There’s no right or wrong answer, but the focus of this exercise is to look within you, and discover at which points in your life you truly felt as if you accomplished something special. 

If nothing comes up, focus on having a clear mind and your proudest moments will eventually show up.

If you’re still struggling, think, ‘What were the hardest parts of my life and how did I overcome them?’

Our proudest moments can be from both fantastic and challenging times in our lives.

Whatever thoughts and feelings you find, write down your findings and keep a track of everything that your subconscious brings to you.

Impacting Others 

If you’ve ever watched the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, this section should be easy to follow. 

For those who haven’t, the film encompasses a man named George Bailey who, towards the end of the film, feels the world would have been better off if he had never been born.  

Near to taking his own life, an angel, Clarence, comes to earth to show George what the world would have been if he hadn’t been born 

Suffice to say, and without spoiling, George Bailey had a very impactful life on others. 

Point being, what lasting effects have you made on others? 

Have you helped anyone through a tough time? 

Have you taught anyone a skill which has improved their lives greatly? 

Have you helped someone change their view on the world in a positive way? 

This can be difficult to find out, as we don’t all have an angel like Clarence to help us. 

But if you’re struggling you can approach the people who mean the most to you and whom you trust the most. Simply ask how you have been impactful on their lives. 

Regardless if anything is found, this will still be a great exercise to do as it can lead to a deep and meaningful conversation between yourself and those you care for most. 


A mentor is someone who has more knowledge and expertise and wishes to pass that along to someone else. 

It can be a very fulfilling duty as often close relationships are formed and trust is shared between two people, lasting years.  

Moreover, it means that the information that is passed on can pass to many others as the mentee decides to take that newfound knowledge and spread it to others. 

One of the best examples of this is helping others create their own End of Life Plans. 

Often people get confused on where to start and how to find certain information.  

More so, some people find it difficult discussing their End of Life Plan, and this is where support and guidance from a mentor is required to help them get through it. 

Which is where a licensed End of Life Plan Facilitator comes in. 

They help others by easing into the conversation about death, grief and loss, and helping you navigate conversations on this subject with those you care for. 

They help build confidence with their mentee, guiding them towards success. 

Moreover, they share excellent knowledge and tips, helping to make the process much easier. 

Now that’s a great way to leave a legacy!

Interested in helping others in this way?

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