A Gift This Valentines Day

This Valentines Day 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your partner how much you care, so why not make this year extra special by getting them something meaningful and also practical? 

End of life planning is something that many don’t think about, but it’s an important conversation to have with your loved one.

That’s why this year you can give your significant other the best kind of gift, the Workbook and Card Deck End Of Life Planning Bundle.

End Of Life Planning Workbook and Card Deck Bundle 

End of life planning is a difficult but important conversation to have, and this workbook and card deck bundle makes it easier. 

Your partner will appreciate this thoughtful gesture and it’s a great way to start the conversation and get the ball rolling. 

The workbook will help guide you and your partner through the process in an organized and understandable way.

It also provides helpful resources and advice on how to best prepare for all subjects relating to end of life planning.

The card deck is an excellent addition to the workbook, designed to make the process not only practical, but enjoyable and fun too!

And the workbook is there to help your partner document their wishes, so they can be comfortable knowing that these will be respected, long after they’re gone. 

Informational and Practical 

The cards are also a great way to remind your partner of the importance of why you should start planning now. 

Not only is an end of life planning workbook and card deck a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, it’s also a practical one too.

It’s an easy and affordable way to give you and your partner peace of mind in their later life and also really helps them with the practicalities after you have gone.

It’s also a great way to start a meaningful conversation with your partner, something that might seem difficult to bring up casually. 

What might normally be seen as taboo to talk about suddenly turns into fun when using this much-appreciated card deck. 

If you’re somebody who loves to be practical when giving gifts, this bundle is just for you.

The Perfect Gift 

This Valentine’s Day, show your partner how much you care by getting them the end of life planning workbook and cards bundle, and save 16% in the process! see here.

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