Finding Documents After Someone Dies

Have you ever had to play Sherlock Holmes?

Missing garden equipment, important documents, finding passwords, finding documents after someone dies can be a nightmare!

It’s often a mystery trying to find these details after a loved one has passed.

To celebrate Sherlock Holmes National Day on May 22nd, we’ll be discussing how End of Life Planning can help avoid all the detective work that may come when dealing with a loved ones death.

Have you ever had to play Sherlock Holmes

End of Life Planning Simplifies Finding Documents

‘All the spare garden equipment is in the attic.’

‘You can find all my financial documents in my top drawer.’

‘I have the same password for everything, it’s SpaceRobot123..’

How difficult was that? 

When we’re thinking of life after death we often think of the important topics, such as wills, power of attorneys or advance directives. 

But hardly anyone stops to think, ‘What will happen to my Facebook Page after I’m gone?’ or ‘Who will know how to fix the TV when it’s not working?’ 

It makes sense, it’s not often these pieces of information come up in everyday life. 

But the reality is, after you pass, it’s very likely someone you know will be responsible for dealing with your personal possessions.

So why not make it easy? 

Statistically speaking, with a password such as ‘SpaceRobot123’, 13 characters, 3 numbers, uppercase and lowercase, it would take a supercomputer 200 years to figure it out. 

Even Sherlock Holmes would struggle with that case! 

The point being, finding documents after someone dies doesn’t have to be difficult, make life easier for your loved ones, make notes for them, let them know of any useful information. End of Life Planning is very much a gift, instead of a job. 

How to start your End of Life Plan Today  

Often it’s starting that’s the most difficult part, that’s why you can check out The Before I Go Method here. 

In it you’ll find five modules which contain all the correct information you need to have a completed end of life plan for yourself. 

Throughout the course we’ll be helping every step of the way, we’ll see you there.

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