Get Your Will Written For Your End Of Life Plan

What is Will Aid 2022?

Will Aid is a campaign that occurs every November in which volunteering solicitors waiver their fees for writing basic wills. 

Solicitors up and down the UK invite their clients to make donations of around £100 and in return they will get a fully written, professional will completed. 

The proceeds of these donations go towards nine of the UK’s best-loved charities, such as Save The Children, British Red Cross and Age UK to name a few. 

Getting a will sorted is often the first thing people think about when starting their end of life plan but it can also be the main barrier of getting started. 

So why not hit two birds with one stone? 

This blog doesn’t promote bird violence. But if you haven’t already completed your will, you could:

Do so at a discounted price point

Put your loved ones and yourself at ease knowing your affairs are in order

And finally, know that your money is going towards a great cause by supporting well established charities that need the help. 

Let’s take a look at how you could get a volunteering solicitor to write your will and how this fits in you creating your own excellent end of life plan. 

Finding A Volunteering Solicitor 

So where do you go to find a volunteering solicitor? 

To make it easy, everything you need is right here. 

Solicitors across the UK are volunteering their expertise and time. 

This means they will be offering in-person appointments, remote services or a mixture of both depending on your circumstances. 

So wherever you live  in the UK you will be able to get a solicitor-written will. 

Your Will Aid solicitor will write your basic Will, waive their usual fee, and instead invite you to make an upfront donation to Will Aid.

Will Aid covers a basic Will. A basic Will is one where you are leaving your assets to a few family members, friends and charities, it will also include a couple of executors.

Depending on your cicumstances you may be advised to consider additional services. For example, Power of Attorney, trusts or tax planning. 

If this is the case, Will Aid will still cover the ‘basic’ part of the will, and the extra services will be charged by the rest of the firm. 

Regardless, if you require a basic will or a more complex one, you will still be saving money and supporting a good cause. 

You’ll be supporting life changing work for all the charities involved. Moreover, you’ll no longer have any worries about your affairs after death – what could be better than that? 

A Great End Of Life Plan 

Having a Will is just one piece of having a great end of life plan. 

In fact, there are several different aspects of ensuring your end of life plan is reliable and robust. 

Have you organised your social media platforms for after you’re gone?

Are you happy with how your legacy will be after you’ve passed away?

Maybe most importantly, are you confident you’ve left a step by step guide for your loved ones to navigate your affairs after you’re gone? 

For example, have your funeral fees been accounted for? Have you laid out a guide for how you’d like your body to be put to rest? Is it clear what music will be playing at your funeral? 

One of the best things you can leave your loved ones after you’re gone is peace. 

And there is no better way to do so than to create a step by step guide to navigate them through what can be a difficult time. 

And even better, you can own it! You can still bring so much love and laughter to your family even after you’re gone. 

You can leave behind notes and loving messages to help your loved ones whilst they enact your vision for how you should be put to rest. 

Who said death had to be all negative? 

Creating a great end of life plan allows you to get ahead of the curve. 

It allows you to take full control of how you’d like your affairs to be put to rest. 

But importantly, it allows you one last chance to make a real impact on the ones you love the most. 

Discover More About End Of Life Planning 

If you’re interested in End of Life Planning and go even further by helping others to get theirs completed.. Sign up here for our free info session and learn how to help others prepare well for a good death. Find out more here. 

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