How Should I Organise Belongings?

How Should I Organise Belongings

How Do I Start Organising My Belongings? 

Have you ever felt drained at the thought of emptying your garage? 

Or is the idea of sorting out stacks of paperwork starting to make your stomach turn? 

Often enough you ignore objects because they can remind you of a time that’s no longer here. 

Old family clothes, favourite objects and cherished items – starting to organise your belongings is a problem everybody faces at some point in their lives. Let’s take a look at ways of tackling the dilemma together. 

Organising Belongings Requires Being Firm 

You’ve got two options. 

Decide to make a change today or delay the inevitable for another time. 

Or even worse, pass on the responsibility to someone else, like a friend or relative, in the off chance you were to pass away before getting round to fixing it.  

Is that something you’d like to happen? 

Sometimes the hardest part is starting. But first identify why it is you’ve been putting off organising your belongings in the first place. 

Is it because of laziness? 

Is it the fear of uncovering something you’re missing from the past? 

Or is it because things are comfortable the way they’re and you’ve gotten used to leaving things to build and collect dust? 

Point being, to do this you’ll need to decide truthfully why you want (and/or need) to get organised and identify what it is that’s been holding you back. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a much clearer vision of getting started and you’ll be much stronger in getting rid of unwanted items. 

Going into this 50/50 isn’t enough. 

Without a clear ‘why’ you’ll end up being too relaxed when faced with tough decisions. 

If you have a strong belief and desire to change, you’ll do it without any problems. 

What Are You Trying To Achieve When Organising Belongings?

Let’s assume all your belongings were organised in your household, how much extra room would you have? 

Would you be able to turn that office room, jam packed with items, into a new reading room to relax in?  

Or could you turn that overflowing garage, filled with rubbish and old furniture, into a homebuilt workshop to start a side hobby cutting wood for instance? 

Organising belongings doesn’t have to be about putting things into boxes, giving things to a charity or thrift shop or taking items to landfill.

It can be a way of transforming your house into something you’ve always dreamed of. 

It can be a fresh start, an opportunity to reset things and become more efficient with the space you’re currently using. 

Feeling motivated? 

Hope so!

Write down any ideas you’ve had in the past for the things you’ve wanted to do in your house but objects have gotten in the way. 

I’ll give you an example of my mother and her garage. 

For years it had been collecting random objects, old furniture and borderline useless rubbish. 

Until one day my mother had a vision.

That she’d like to start cutting dogs hair and start her new business doing it. 

Fast forward only, and after only a few weeks of determination and hard work (and a few journeys to the waste recycling centre ) she has turned the garage upside down and now it is looking bigger than it has in years. 

Now, she has plenty of space. Including a large table to sit dogs, and soon she will have her own dog cutting business! 

And all because she had a vision!

So write down anything with any cluttered space and get planning! 

Reaching Out For Help  

Often clearing out belongings can be a difficult task when old memories are involved. If you’re looking for specialised help, you’re in luck! For proactive ways in organising belongings relating to grief, our amazing licensed facilitators are always available, take a look here.

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