How To Plan Effectively

How will you be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee this week? 

Street parties, family gatherings and a whole host of events, this week’s Jubilee has been planned effectively to get this summer off to a great start! 

Like all great things, preparation is key and the Queens platinum jubilee is no different. 

To celebrate the Queen’s 70 years of service, we’ll be discussing how to plan effectively, how to avoid any mistakes which are commonly made, and the key ingredients in creating an effective end of life plan. 

How To Plan Effectively

Planning Effectively 

Take small steps and work from there. 

Although planning and idea generating can be exciting, it’s important not to throw yourself off with too much information. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a blank piece of paper for writing down your thoughts, 

In fact, it’s encouraging that you do that! 

But remember the importance of being able to separate what’s important and what isn’t. 

You can do this by:
1) filtering what is most important and
2) organising in a top down approach which deserves attention now and what is better attended to later on.  

The next time you start thinking about your End of Life plan, for example, you might think to yourself

“Should I get my will completed now or be clear about music at my funeral?” What is most important?

Prioritising  gives you a roadmap which will help you plan effectively. 

Even better, you will find that by prioritising the more urgent matters first, 

It will allow you to have more fun and feel relaxed for the areas you’ve left till last!

Effectively Creating an End of Life Plan


Start with intention. 

You don’t need to get started right this second, or even tomorrow. 

But being realistic with your schedule and committing to a time in the future for starting will get you off in the right direction. 

Think of it as a hair appointment or an aerobics class. 

It’s a point in the future for spending time on yourself to make yourself better. And in the case of end of life planning, it will make your family feel better too.

Follow Through with your Plan

Now that you’ve set the date, it’s time to start. 

Creating an End of Life Plan effectively isn’t going to be finished in an afternoon, nor in a week. 

So make sure you’re enjoying the time you spend on the project. 

  • Is there anything distracting you? 
  • Are you in a comfortable position? 
  • How long are you giving yourself for this?

Make your environment great and your productivity will flourish.  

It’s recommended that the human brain best performs in 40-55 minute periods, 

So make sure to reward yourself after you’ve completed some great work! 

Using Rewards and Self Awareness Effectively

The amount of people that begin their End of Life Plan, let alone spend a considerable amount of time on it, is less than 20%. 

For instance, rest is important, and you should always remember that looking after yourself comes first. 

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating an excellent session with a cup of tea, glass of wine or favourite biscuit. 

You’ve earned it if you’ve even just answered one question about your end of life plan. 

As the Queen became 96 years old this year, it’s been widely accepted that there have been less travel events, more resting and longer periods to recover as the Queen readies herself for her royal duties. 

And at 96 years old, being able to do a quarter of the Queen’s duties is highly impressive. 

But even the Queen and those around her know her limits, and you should know yours too. 

Listen to your body, if you’re feeling unwell, schedule your tasks for the future. 

If you’re feeling accomplished, reward yourself with whatever treat you feel like. 

Getting your End of Life Plan comes down to your level of commitment, getting the support you need,  and the resources you have at your disposal. 

Then it can be seen as something not to dread, but to look forward to. 

Luckily, there are several ways to get your End Of Life Plan effectively off the ground and started today.

Next Steps 

You can check out The Before I Go Method here, in it you’ll find all the information you need to get started with your End of Life Plan. 

If you feel like having some fun, you can check out the End of Life Planning Card Deck, alongside your print workbook to make it an entertaining game with yourself, friends and family, check it out here. 

But if you’re looking for specialised help, our team of amazing licensed facilitators are always available, take a look here. 

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