Start Your End Of Life Plan In 2023

What is an End Of Life Plan?

An end of life plan can help ensure that your wishes are respected and that they receive the care that aligns with your values and beliefs. It can also help ease the burden on loved ones who may be unsure of what the person would have wanted, and can provide peace of mind for everyone involved.

End Of Life Plans Save Money 

By taking the time to create a comprehensive end of life plan, you can save money in several ways.

One of the most significant ways end of life planning can save money is by reducing the costs associated with end of life care. 

By making important decisions about medical treatment and care in advance, you can ensure that wishes are respected and are not subject to unnecessary medical procedures or treatments. 

This leads to avoiding prolonged hospital stays and expensive medical bills which may pop up. 

Another example can include reducing the financial burden for your loved ones.

By making important decisions about end of life care and final arrangements in advance, you can ensure that your loved ones are not left with the financial burden of paying for any unwanted expenses. 

This can also help to alleviate the emotional stress and financial burden during what can  already be a difficult time.

Saving Heartache & Avoiding Upset 

End of life planning avoids upset is by clearly communicating your personal wishes for medical treatment and future care.

By creating a living will (aka an advance directive), it will mean your wishes are clearly communicated and respected in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself. 

This can help avoid conflicts and disagreements among your loved ones regarding how you should be  cared for or treated. 

In addition to communicating medical wishes..

End of life planning can also help to avoid upset by clearly outlining your final agreements. 

By creating a will and other legal documents, you can make sure your assets are distributed according.

This means your loved ones are not left with the burden of making difficult decisions.

Usually about their final arrangements, which is best for everybody! 

Usually getting started can be difficult, so why not have some fun with it?

Getting Started 

If you feel like having some fun, you can check out the End of Life Planning Card Deck. Alongside your print Workbook to make it an entertaining game with yourself, friends and family, check it out here.

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