What Happens After A Funeral?

The Aftermath Of a Funeral

What happens after a funeral? Not a lot – unless you were very close to the person who died.

For example, those who didn’t know the Queen well will have returned to their own lives after her death, and that’s what most other people did too

But when you have been living with or were very connected to that person, there is a gaping hole after the funeral.

The life you had together has changed irrevocably.

There’s an empty seat where they used to fill it.

Life, After The Funeral, Is Different

There’s less food to purchase, no need to buy certain clothes anymore, no birthday presents to think about.

Meanwhile, nearly everyone else just carries on with their lives as usual.

Naturally enough, concerned visits tail off; offers of help/food/caring become less; calls or messages dwindle away.

This is hard on those who are utterly bereft.

Even though it is understandable.

What there is a lot more of is the administrative stuff, especially if you’re the executor, even months or years after the funeral.

Stuff you really don’t want to do, because it just emphasises that the person you loved is gone, and not coming back, either.

It’s even more administrative hassle if they died without a will in place.

And if they never talked about the aftermath of their death with you, there will be loads of other stuff that needs to be taken care of too.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

If you are trying to come to terms with a huge loss, a different lifestyle, and a mountain of paperwork, decisions and stuff to sort out, it can be impossible to sort this kind of stuff out.

Which is why it’s a good idea to plan ahead for your own end of life before it actually happens.

That way, you’ll be giving a truly great gift to your loved ones who are coming after you.

Even in the midst of their mourning, they will be able to be grateful that you cared enough to do this.

To make it easier, you can check out how to create your very own end of life plan here.

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