What Is End Of Life Planning?

How Do You Define End Of Life Planning?

What exactly does end of life planning mean? 

It’s a straightforward question and it’s one most people would be able to answer partially to begin with. 

The usual suspects would crop up first, creating a will, power of attorney, appointing an executor.

But what else do most people miss out with their end of life planning? 

End Of Life Planning Helps Loved Ones

The biggest thing people don’t appreciate with their end of life planning is the effect it has on their loved ones. 

How many times have you heard, or experienced, a family member passing away and all the responsibility falling onto someone who never asked for it?

I hear so many stories of families fighting over inheritance, personal belongings that only have emotional value….

Or even the pressure of having to decide someone else’s funeral arrangements, what if family can’t agree and they, or you, got it wrong? 

Surely the person who just passed away wouldn’t have wanted that? 

Instinctively, death isn’t something you think about on a day by day basis (unless you’re already working in the end of life arena).

So why not get ahead of the curve and get your end of life plan sorted? 

What is in a good end of life plan anyways? 

A Great End Of Life Plan

A great plan leaves no stone unturned. 

From social media passwords to funeral costs, it should be presented in a clear and concise way so it is easily followed after you’re gone. 

But where do you begin? 

What structure should you use?

How do you know you’re doing it correctly? 

That’s where the world-renowned Before I Go Method comes in. 

Your mission (should you choose to accept it or haven’t already) is to be sitting down with a completed plan in your hand in less than 4 months time. 

Save heartache by ensuring you’ve left a full set of instructions for your family. This is so you can relieve them of any pressure or worry. 

Save money by preparing financial costs and avoiding any unwanted expenditures which may be out on your family for when you’re gone. 

Avoid family upset. Make sure you leave this world by making sure all your family members are on the same page as you. 

So if you haven’t already, why not get started today? 

Start Your End Of Life Plan Today 

The Before I Go Method is a fantastic resource to get you started (and finished!) your plan. It has all the resources and materials you need and does a fantastic job in taking you through each step. Check it out here. 

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