What is UK National Reflection Day?

The U.K. reflects on its National Day of Covid-19

What is UK National Reflection Day

This day is UK National Reflection Day. Two years ago, the country was turned upside down in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Countless lives have been lost, families bruised, and all generations suffered.

Today, we come together to reflect over the last two years. We remember all those who played a national effort; and we look to the future with optimism and hope to see how we can learn from this difficult time. 

A Day of Reflection 

Reflecting on those who are gone

It’s often easy to look at the list of casualties and forget that behind every number lies a name, a relative or a friend who has been affected by this horrible pandemic. 

Whether a toddler missing their first year of nursery school, a teenager missing exams, an adult being laid off work or an elderly citizen losing their life, the pandemic changed everything and made us appreciate what we had previously taken for granted. 

But out of all the damage Covid-19 brought to this country, it is because of the tragic loss of life we come together. On this day, UK National Reflection Day, in a national effort, to reflect upon those who are no longer with us and to help and support all the bereaved families and friends out there in this difficult time. 

UK National Reflection Day – a National Effort to Protect the NHS

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate our accomplishments. 

Throughout the pandemic, households and neighbours took to the streets to send a message of solidarity to the workers of the NHS.

With sacrifice, shared responsibility and a collective effort, the country came together to help support the NHS by containing the spread of the virus. 

We kept our spirits high. Stuck to the rules and helped each other the best we could whilst navigating the uncertain period of time. 

The pandemic may have constrained us to our homes. But that didn’t stop us from strengthening our communities and neighbourhoods in the face of hardship.  

What’s been learned from the last two years 

In times of adversity, the best of human nature comes out. 

Covid-19 brought us back to basics and reminded us what matters most in the world. 

The ability to love, laugh and experience the finite time we have with each other on this planet. 

To always remember that the past is fixed, and the future is unknown.

We owe it to all who have lost their lives in the last two years to remember their contribution to this country. That the what UK National Reflection Day is about.

Without them, we would not have been able to move through what was the most difficult time of our lives for many people. 

UK National Reflection Day

To the NHS workers, essential staff, volunteers, carers, friends, neighbours, with relatives and everyone else that helped or that lost their lives during the pandemic. We thank you for your service and we spend this day, UK National Reflection Day, in a national effort to reflect your noble sacrifice for the good of the country.  

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  1. CATIE WOOD on March 23, 2022 at 11:25 pm

    Thankyou Jane,
    A Beautiful way to reflect on the past,
    pay tribute to everyone who accepted the multitude of challenges presented to humanity
    and acknowledge our losses and our gifts.

  2. Dawn Akers on March 24, 2022 at 7:33 am

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, to love and laugh – that’s so important.

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