Zestful Aging - with Nicole Christina

A different kind of interview, covering how avoidance of this subject is not working as well as it has done; grieving of pets; how a plan rarely goes according to plan, so what's the point; and how taking action now brings a sense of peace and control now; and your digital life - and much more!

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Silver Tent Radio with Debra Sofia Magdalene.

Listen to Jane talking about positive aspects of death. Topics discussed include:

  • whether your body is useful, or harmful, in organ donation
  • what living wakes are
  • what death cleaning is and when to start

and much more!

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Breakfast With Erica - 12Radio

Listen to a fascinating conversation I had with Erica from Breakfast with Erica on 12radio. It starts about 16.25 in and you'll hear us discussing, amongst other things:

  • why stories at family gatherings are so important for your living legacy, and how to do that in this digital age
  • how laughing at life and death is so crucial
  • the most common word used to describe talking about dying, death and grief
  • what happens when one brave soul mentions the 'D' word
  • why knowing what you want medically towards the end of your life is so important to get clear on now - before you really need to


Dessert Highland Discs with Laura Bruce

Those of you in the UK will probably know of the famous Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4; this radio show is similar in format but crucially (and perhaps essentially in the colder climes of a Highland island, PUDDING - ie dessert) - can be taken with you!

Find out what my pudding was, and the six songs that I would take with me too. Plus some more about where I came from, and how I got to do what I'm now doing.

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Here's what one listener said:  "That was just so immensely enjoyable and uplifting. You are a delightful talker..."

Death and Divorce

Inspiring podcast here where I'm interviewed by Nicola Beer of Pure Peace Coaching - focusing on the commonalities between death and divorce.