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Before I Go Solutions goes international

Here’s a press release that was sent out yesterday, and resulted in several opportunities – more news on that to come 🙂

Before I go Solutions is branching out and will be training others to run end-of-life planning courses in Canada, America and Australia and throughout the UK.

Jane Duncan Rogers who founded the business following her husband’s death hopes to attract more people closer to home too.

Philip had been diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2010, but after various treatments including undergoing an operation and chemotherapy, lost his battle just over a year later.

The journey

Jane, who was running her own life coaching business at the time, shared their journey through her blog and in her own private journals and following Philip’s death published Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth, which provides an illuminating insight into her grief, but also gives advice on practical ways to deal with death.

It was following the publishing of the book that Jane (60) set up Before I Go Solutions.  As she explained: “I learned a lot about myself and my marriage with Philip in those last few months and during the time after his death. I have always written, so it was natural for me to write about the process from Philip’s diagnosis, throughout his treatment and ultimately his death and my own grieving process. I was writing about what we were going through and I always knew that at some point I would come back to the blogs and journals”.

Gifted By Grief

“When I did, there it all was, the real raw emotion of it all. It was an amazing experience. Although I didn’t feel I was doing well, the diary meant I could see how far I had come. It was at this point I realised I wanted to turn my journal into book, and so Gifted By Grief was created.”

Following the book launch, Jane began to receive feedback from people sharing their own stories and explaining how it helped.

It was then she realised she could help others and took the plunge to run a workshop.


“The workshop featuring the theme of ‘27 questions to ask and answer before you die’ was fully booked. I couldn’t believe it. I then ran another one and that was a sell-out too. I started offering online courses to help people deal with death, dying and grief and they are very popular. The course focuses on practical advice from the complex issues of advance directives or guardianships, to basic stuff like making sure your partner knows where the stopcock is!”

“I knew from the demand and reactions, I wanted to use my experience and create something more formal, so I started the business. Recently, through help from the Bank of Scotland/School of Social Entrepreneurs Programme, Before I Go Solutions became a community interest company and I am now at a point where I can branch out.


“I am now training others to deliver the courses I am already giving. I truly believe there is a demand and a need for it. The course is ideal for people who are already working in this type of sector. It will appeal to celebrants, life coaches, counsellors or other health professionals. I have people from Canada, America and Australia ready to do the training and some from the UK too. Unfortunately, there’s nobody from Scotland, but I am hoping before the online training programme starts next month, we’ll get someone.

“I am delighted our story has taken me on this journey. Through our very difficult time, I am now able to help and support others, and hopefully on a worldwide scale.”

Jane’s training course starts on February 15th. To find out more visit beforeigosolutions.com or contact Jane direct.


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