Getting Unstuck With Jeff Ikler

Jeff Ikler

Jeff Ikler has dedicated his career to helping others – as an educator, executive and career coach. Today, Jeff helps others gain insight about themselves to develop engaging, satisfying and rewarding lives. This commitment to helping others, he said, is rooted in his childhood.  

Jeff’s first experience with philanthropy came from his father. Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, Jeff saw that even though it was a challenge to raise five children, his dad always gave back to society in a number of ways.  

Words From Jane Duncan Rogers

‘Being interviewed by Jeff was wonderful – he got out of me things I have never talked about before! Listen in to discover why it’s possible to have an enjoyable time talking about the one thing that so many dread.’

Where To Find

You can check out the Getting Unstuck – Cultivating Curiosity podcast with Jeff and Jane as his guest here.

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