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Interview on the Gratitude Guy Podcast.

David George Brooke, the Gratitude Guy interviews Jane Duncan Rogers and her journey on how she came to do what she does today, training people to become End of Life Planning Facilitators.

David wants to know how her journey began, starting with when she left college.

He asks why are people so uncomfortable talking about end of life.

David is reminded from his own personal experiences of death. People don’t know what to say so they either don’t say anything or say something inappropriate.

During the Gratitude Guy Podcast Jane recalls an unexpected answer her husband had given. The question was what do you want to be dressed in.

David’s observation about what people think it’s like to die and asks what can be done to make people less afraid of dying.

David asks Jane what advice would she give her 18 year old self.

Links mentioned in the Gratitude Guy podcast:

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Before I Go The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan

and if you’re interested in finding out more about becoming an End of Life Planning Facilitator, then click here.

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