Before I Go – The Essential Guide

A compassionate, practical guide to end-of-life matters, empowering you to clarify and share your wishes and continue to live life to the fullest.

Before I Go addresses the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of end-of-life planning to help you make well-informed decisions about your end-of-life care and prepare well for your death.

Jane Duncan Rogers guides you with equanimity, care, and humour through subjects such as how to have a conversation about dying, the impact of grief on relatives responsible for estate matters, DIY funerals and what that entails.

She states clearly what you need to have in place to ensure the best end of life possible, helps you identify your values and beliefs in this area, and demonstrates which actions you then need to take, and when. With a full resource pack of essential information available to you, including guiding questions, exercises, and recording tools, as well as downloadable worksheets and supportive online courses, decision-making will be much easier and you will find relief and peace of mind knowing you have taken care of outstanding matters.




Testimonials for ‘Before I Go’:

“I recommend Before I Go to everyone I know. Creating a Good End of Life Plan is helpful in so many ways.  Not least, it is an eminently practical guide to living your life to the fullest NOW!”

Robert Holden, Hay House author of Loveability and others


“Loving, caring and careful this is a wonderfully practical book for everyone. Sooner or later we all have to manage the process of approaching death – either our own or our loved ones. This single compassionate book will take you through everything you need to know.  The highest praise I can give is that I will use it myself. So thank you, Jane. I am grateful.”

William Bloom, holistic educator and author of numerous books

“From spiritual seekers to pragmatists like me, there will be something for everyone in Jane’s book. It will help those who’ve done a journey of loss and grief, those whose health signals a predictable trajectory and those who are hail and hearty and just want to be prepared, whatever the future holds. I feel I can confidently guarantee that whoever you are, wherever you’re coming from, you will find something in Jane’s words of wisdom that resonate and you’ll find yourself thinking “aha, that’s why I’m reading this book”.

Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling, author of Too Busy To Die

“Jane Duncan Rogers has produced nothing less than a work of true art in completing this book ‘Before I Go’. Those of us who work in the field of death and dying have been waiting for such a comprehensive, passionate, resourceful thoroughly researched manual – I just wish I had written it!  I will immediately recommend it to friends and students. I trust this book because I trust the authenticity of its author. Jane’s own face  to face experiences with death when her beloved Philip died, shows us that she knows well the places of rawness in the human heart – I trust Jane as a companion for mine. Having indulged in Jane’s  book and having listened to her advice, I have decided ” before I go ” I will plan my own happy death!

Phyllida Anam Aire, author of A Celtic Book of Dying, and others

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