End of Life Planning Cards


End of Life Planning Cards to make end of life conversations so much easier! Use the suggested interactive and engaging activities in the pack to help a possibly awkward conversation become a light one, to bring clarity to your decisions, and to encourage you to document these. It really is possible!  

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Bringing a light touch to a sometimes challenging subject, this End of Life Planning card deck helps you and your family to:

  • feel organised, having prioritised what is most important
  • introduce and have more satisfying end of life conversations
  • find the relief that addressing this subject brings

Why bother using cards?

Let's face it, most people find the thought of any kind of conversation about death a bit intimidating, and therefore tend to avoid it.

But given that we know it's one of the few things that is definitely going to happen, it really helps in the art of dying well if you can have conversations around this with your nearest and dearest well before it does actually happen. And using these end of life planning cards makes broaching this subject much easier.

Mark said...

My partner struggles to plan ahead when it comes to death and I've tried a few times.... however last night I spent time going through the cards with him and, lo and behold, we have the beginnings of a plan!

and Sharon said...

Sharon Wood testimonialI played with my uncle - he was hesitant at first but as the activity moved on it stimulated lots of conversation. He has most of his EOL planning in order but he said ‘it’s surprising how much more there is to consider’.   I learnt about some finer details of my his wishes regarding his funeral which hadn’t come to light before

Who are they for?

YOU - if you want to feel the peace of mind of having planned ahead for the inevitable,  get clear about what is important to you and those you love, and who wants to make end of life conversations MUCH easier with family, friends and colleagues!

They are suitable for playing solo, or with multiple players (family, friends and/or colleagues). Or you can just pick one each day, or each week, and use that as a focus to help you ponder, reflect, decide and document the results.

Here's what you get: 

  • An interactive and engaging pack of playing cards
  • The 7 end of life categories that need to be attended to in advance
  • 100 card prompts for discussion and decisions
  • 3 activities to use on your own or with significant others
  • Full instructions and guidelines

Watch Jane demonstrate different ways to play and use the End of Life Planning Cards

REMEMBER - with planning, it's always too soon, until it's too late.  So get your End of Life Planning Cards now!

(And if you want a great place to get all those end of life planning decisions you are making written down, check out our Workbook!) 

It's such a relief to finally finish this task...

andrew_deans wth End of Life Planning CardsWe took the cards on holiday to Galloway in the camper-van, and spent an enjoyable afternoon sorting the cards into finished , low ,medium and high priority. We then started planning and deciding on our actions. As agreed on holiday, we would complete the task when we got home. Once started we 
have got everything done apart from music for celebration of life and update the contacts List. We have also gone through the will and death file with both children. It’s such a relief to finally finish this task although I realise we need to keep reviewing this.
I just wanted to thank you again to gently encourage me to complete this. 

Andrew Deans, Scotland


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