End of Life Planning Workbook and Before I Go Book Bundle


An easy and enjoyable way for you to get going (or re-started) on your end of life planning. You get

  • The Before I Go Workbook, print version
  • Personalised signed copy of the Before I Go Book (not available anywhere else and if you would like a personalised message from Jane, you can have that, just say in the notes in your order)
  • Save 10% (of RRP) when bought together in this bundle. 

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The Before I Go Workbook and Book Bundle

Our Before I Go Workbook and Signed Book Bundle is the simplest, easiest and most affordable way for you to get going (or re-started) on your end of life planning!

What you get:

Before I Go - The Essential Guide (book)

A copy of the Before I Go book personally signed for you by the author and founder of Before I Go Solutions, Jane Duncan Rogers.

Before I Go Workbook (print version)

Our acclaimed Before I Go Workbook, which is the ideal place to make a note of everything you are doing.

In one bundle, you get everything you need to complete your End of Life Plan, with the Workbook keeping everything in one place (easy for you to locate, and especially easy for your relatives after you’ve gone).

A Good Death

This Bundle means you’re giving yourself the best chance of a ‘good death’ and your family/friends the best chance of grieving as healthily as possible.

Your family will be freed from making difficult decisions, being surprised by unexpected costs, and having uncomfortable conversations with family members.

And YOU’LL find the relief and peace of mind that arrives when you do this NOW, so you can focus on getting on with your life and forgetting about the end of it.

It couldn’t be easier!


What you get with the Before I Go End of Life Workbook and Signed Book Bundle:


  • 100-page indexed, ring back Workbook with plenty of spare pages to add in extra thoughts wherever you wish, and room to add in any extra documentation like your will or powers of attorney or trust information
  • A personalised signed copy of the Before I Go Essential Guide book - this book is divided into two parts.
    The first part takes you through the information around this topic, so you can easily do the background thinking that will allow you to make the decisions you need to make.The second part is more interactive, where you can apply your new knowledge to your particular situation and then complete the relevant bit in the Workbook, bringing that lovely feeling of accomplishment and relief that it's finally done.Before you know it, you will be done and dusted with a good end of life plan that you, your family and/or your friends will all benefit from.   Whew!


Note: For buyers outside of the UK - this print version is in English English, and although it covers everything you need to know, some of the terminology may be different in your state/country. Please always make sure you check the legal situation (and use the correct terminology) in your jurisdiction

What people are saying...

"Very well-thought-out workbook and handouts. I feel optimistic about my end of life arrangements and indeed about ageing without children; I feel empowered now and no longer a victim of circumstances".

Mary, England

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End of Life Planning workbook and book bundle

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