No-Nonsense End of Life Plan Pack


No-Nonsense End of Life Plan 5-pdf Pack

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Ideal for people who want to be better prepared to handle end of life conversations with friends, family or clients WITHOUT feeling awkward or sounding insensitive.

When you receive the No-Nonsense End of Life Plan Pack, you will get instant access to 5 downloadable pdfs so you can put into practice everything you read right away:

  • 10 BEST AND WORST THINGS TO SAY TO A BEREAVED PERSON so you don’t put your foot in it and embarrass yourself or the other person and instead come across as sensitive and compassionate
  • 10 WAYS TO AVOID PROCRASTINATION: The reasons why you do this and what to do instead, so you can make progress and achieve success in anything you want, including your end of life plan
  • 13 END OF LIFE PLAN QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR LAWYER so you can avoid hidden charges and unpleasant surprises later down the line
  • 25 QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUNERAL so that when you’re gone, those left behind can grieve well without guessing or arguing about what you wanted
  • START A CONVERSATION KIT, our 4-step process to starting a conversation about end of life matters so the person you’re talking to doesn’t feel threatened and you don’t feel awkward

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