Moving from Scared to Sacred

Moving from Scared to Sacred with Patty Burgess Brecht

February’s interview in the BIG Interview Series is with Patty Burgess, President of Possibility with Patty is a friend and colleague, has participated on my Before I Go Programme and is one wise, wild woman (so right up my street!)   Scroll down to see what she is offering you.

In this short interview she speaks movingly about how death is an invitation, and therefore to be looked at, not turned away from.

Patty Burgess Brecht

She says:

“How can we not talk about, even ignore the very thing that will happen to all of us, connects all of us, is the great equalizer and leveler? Nothing else connects us like death.

When we avoid this topic or make it only sad and overwhelming, we operate in a narrow bandwidth/spectrum of human emotion.We were meant to experience it all, and when we reframe death from “scary to sacred”, we get to see  (metaphorically) in technicolor, while everyone else sees in black and white”.

Death INVITES us to Life!

To get your copy of what Patty gives away:

Ebook, “6 Concepts to Master When Supporting A Loved One Who Is Dying”  – visit

Report, “16 Characteristics of Successful End-of-Life Doulas, Coaches, Guides”, visit

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