When the Queen dies, there is a plan.

It’s called ‘Operation London Bridge’.

(‘London Bridge is down’ is the code for passing on the information that she has actually died)

What happens when the Queen dies

when the queen dies

It’s a highly detailed plan (you can read all about it on Wikipedia).

Everyone involved has a role. They knows where to turn to find their part in the plan, and then simply has to follow it.

For instance, whoever is in charge of social media will make sure that these sites turn black. As will the royal family’s website.

A dark-rimmed notice will be pinned to the gates of Buckingham Palace by a footman. The wording the same on the website (wording already approved, of course)

Different arrangements have been made for the transportation of the coffin, depending on where she dies.

Each bit dovetails into another, making for a seamless carrying out of an important occasion.

And making for at least some sense of certainty at a time when grief will be running riot through everyone.

Because when the Queen dies, all anyone involved has to do is refer to the plan. They don’t have to make decisions. They don’t have to wonder what to do, or who to refer to.

Because it’s all been discussed, agreed and documented in the plan.

What happens when you die

Your own death is an important occasion too.

Not for you of course, because you’ll be dead, which is why so many say they don’t care about what happens.

But it’s very important indeed for your relatives and friends.

And guess what – it’s all made so much easier for them if there is a plan.

One that has been discussed, agreed and documented beforehand.

You’re not around to hear the appreciation of your plans

I know it’s a selfless thing to do – you won’t be around to hear the appreciation and gratitude.

I know it hardly ever gets to the top of your list of priorities, even if it’s on there in the first place!

And I know you keep meaning to do it but life just seems to get in the way.

Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have that problem. Her role dictates that the plan, drawn up in the sixties when she was about 40. And updated several times a year.

(We hope it won’t happen in her Platinum Jubilee year, of course)

But you do have that problem.

Helping hundreds get their plans done

I know you do, because in the 5 years that Before I Go Solutions has been going, we have helped hundreds of people to get their end of life plans done.

And they needed our help because they weren’t taking action themselves.

Which is why we now focus on training others to be End of Life Plan Facilitators, so they can help you. 

So where are you in the realm of your plans?

Do you have one? 

Is it up to date?

Have you covered everything in detail?

If you answered yes to all those questions then you get the gold star that people love collecting in our Before I Go Method course

But if you answered no, then take action now!

Your final gift

Become Queen of your own domain.

Give the gift to your family, of them simply having to turn to the plan to remind themselves of what has already been discussed, decided and documented.

Next Steps

See below for all my different ways you can take a step forward. 

  1. Take our How Prepared Are You? Free quiz and discover in less than 3 minutes what you most need to take care of
  2. Follow me on Facebook and let me know the blocks you have to getting your plan completed, and where you want to breakthrough
  3. ​Work with me or one of our licensed facilitators in our End of Life Planning Made Easy course. Get live coaching and support to take the actions you need to take, but keep on putting off.
  4. Find out about training to become a licensed End of Life Planning Facilitator and help others in this rewarding work.

And finally – if you were actually Queen, what would be your code name for letting the world know you had died?

Mine is ‘Queenie’s fallen off her perch’ 

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