Bucket List Barriers

If you’re aware of a bucket list, then you’re aware

your life will one day come to an end.  

Meaning it’s REALLY IMPORTANT to get on

with living your life the way you want to!  

This may mean bungee jumping, visiting the pyramids, a trip in a hot air balloon, white water rafting - or anything else that takes your fancy.   

Bucket list ideas

But have you actually got round to doing any of the things on your bucket list?  

Whether you have or not,  there is another thing that arguably is MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY of the other things on your list.

This is Your End of Life Plan

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I know. It’s not very sexy. It’s definitely in the category of a “good idea”.  

But here’s why it’s so important.


Because we never know how much time we have left! (10, 20 plus years, more or less, we just haven’t a clue.)

However,  when we make plans, we get stuff done, and more importantly, we make space for the things that matter.

An end of life plan is just that, it is a plan to get everything taken care of, fit it all in and to know that everything is in place and ready for when you leave.   


What happens, though, if an end of life plan is not even on your bucket list?


Then when you pop your clogs 


(which frankly could be at any moment, just to be cheerful!!) your family will be in dire straits if you have not taken action on it.


So the first thing to take action on is get your end of life plan on your Bucket List!


The next thing is acknowledging that even when it is on, just like all the other things, you probably won’t get round to doing anything about it.


Yes, you have to be REALLY honest with yourself here!  How many times have you had good intentions but somehow life just gets in the way, and those intentions get pushed aside?


It happens OFTEN, and it happens to EVERYONE!

So that’s what the Bucket List Barriers guide is all about.

Bucket List Barriers6

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