What Do You Do When Nothing You Do Works?

SAM_0590 copyDecide and Do, or Allow and Be?

On first look, this question appears to be simple – if you make a decision and take action on it, then the thing you want will happen. Simple. Easy.  Just do it, as Richard Branson would say.

And of course there is truth in that.

However, what do you do when nothing you do works?  What do you do when no matter what everyone else says, no matter what strategies you have pursued, no matter the amount of time and energy you’ve put into something, it still isn’t working as it’s supposed to?

Do you:

  • Beat yourself up?
  • Think there must something wrong with you?
  • Wonder how the rest of the world manages it and you can’t?
  • Just keep plodding on but with a very heavy heart?
  • Want to just run away to an island and lead a much simpler life?

I’ve wanted to do all of these from time to time, but needless to say, these thoughts are not very helpful on top of what is already probably a situation you are finding stressful!

This has happened to me lately, and I watched the mind stuck with thoughts like these.   (Well, not watching all the time, cos sometimes I was so stuck I felt like the thoughts really were true, and there WAS something wrong with me, the rest of the world HAD got it, and I hadn’t).

Now I write that here of course it’s obvious it’s mad, but at the time of being immersed in these thoughts it feels very real. I’m sure you know what I mean J

This was all happening because of various things behind the scenes with my new Wild Wisdom Inner Circle programme.

And finally it came to a head – when nothing you’re doing works, it’s a REALLY GOOD IDEA to stop doing!

Aha!  How very simple is that! And yet, is it?  Mostly what people do is continue trying to do, just slightly different things. Sometimes that does work, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But when you really have come to the end of your tether, allowing and being gets a chance to finally shine through.

And then it becomes obvious  –  stopping doing (activity which is guaranteed to deflect you from what is actually going on) and starting being (might still look like doing, but is actually happening from a very different place) is what is being asked of you.

However being is much more challenging to the mind which says things in horror, like:

  • You can’t just spend time doing what you love and not what needs to be done!
  • How dare you think you can take time off just when you need to knuckle down and work even harder!


  • I can’t stop, I’ll feel too guilty if I do.

But – what if life itself is requiring you to stop, or slow down, or do something entirely different?

What if life wants to go one way, and you are impeding that?

What if a message is trying to come through, except you can’t receive it because you’re so busy trying to make something happen?

This is Wild Wisdom – and it’s what I need to practice, and often do, every single day!  So just ask yourself that question beginning with ‘What if…?’ right now.

What if … you did something completely different?

What if … you just sat down and closed your eyes, breathed deeply and waited?

What if… you didn’t know what you thought ought to happen – what would you do then?

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Or – don’t do anything. Just be with the impact of what you have read and see what feels like the next best step for you to take.  Then take it!

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