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I am obsessed – with death.

Death in the hood concept

Death in the hood concept

Ok, I hold my hand up.  I am obsessed.There is only one thing on my mind, it takes up all my thoughts, my creativity and my life at the moment. It’s not a subject that many people search for on Google, nor talk about in ‘polite’ (or even impolite) society. Nor is it even a common topic amongst the holistic or new age community.But it needs to be talked about!  So what is it?It’s the one thing that affects every single living person or thing on this planet. Yes, you’re right – it’s death.

End of life. Passed on. Departed. Crossed over. Gone to heaven. Taken by the angels. With God.

We have numerous euphemism for this word that so many are so uncomfortable with.

But here it is, it’s my obsession.

Is that because my book Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth is about to be published (Sept 8th, by the way)?  Yes, but not just that.

I really believe that if we all can talk more easily about this thing that affects us all, then we can become less fearful of it. We need to welcome this elephant into the room, well and truly.

Because it is what I am obsessed by right now, you get to hear about it too. It’s a huge topic, and I will be talking about various aspects of this and how it affects our lives for the next few weeks in the run up to my book launch.

But in this post, let’s just begin by looking at some of the different ways that death happens in business. Of course it can be the biggie, when your business goes bust, or you are forced into bankruptcy. But there are numerous other kinds of deaths that happen every day in business, because death is perceived in our culture as an ending (even though it’s also a beginning).

  • When a client ends their contract with you, that’s a death.
  • When you complete a task, that’s the end of it.
  • When someone says no to you, that’s the end of a possibility in that form.
  • When you rebrand, or update your website, you have to say goodbye to the old one. That’s a death too.

If you begin to think about death as an ending, which by its very nature means a beginning too, then perhaps it can become easier to talk about.You have to be sensitiive, of course, if you are talking about the ending or death of a loved one, or a pet. You definitely don’t want to emphasise that there is a beginning just after the death has occurred.But this sensitivity applies to business too. Next time a client ends with you, take a moment to be with that loss. If a project you are on comes to a close, recognise it, give thanks and be with that for a while. If you’re changing what you are offering to people, there’s room there for an acknowledgement of what went before.

When we are willing to be with what is in the moment, whether that be death, endings or whatever, it’s a lot easier to move forward in the future.

PS. And if you want to be the first to hear about when Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth is ready, sign up here. You’ll get the prologue and first two chapters free as a taster 🙂

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