Talking About Deliberate Ending of a Life…Is it Suicide or Not?

100-voicesDeliberate ending of a life? Doesn’t that mean suicide? Well, perhaps not.

It’s a very challenging subject to talk about, but I feel it’s one that many secretly think about; it just comes out in forms like ‘we treat our pets better than we treat out elderly citizens’, or ‘I wish I could just go when I want to’ or even ‘we can’t bear to see our dog suffering (how can I bear to see my parent suffering?).

Deliberate end of life  causes these kind of secret thoughts that no-one dares voice, and it’s this which I begin to talk about in my article ‘Embracing Death’ in the book I have co-authored along with 99 other amazing storytellers.


‘100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening and Empowerment’ is out this week on Kindle for just 99p, please do check it out. It covers all kinds of topics, here’s just a few of them:


  • Motherhood
  • Business Leadership and Life Skills
  • Relationships  (this is where my chapter is)
  • Cancer
  • Spirituality and Praise
  • Self-empowerment and Growth
  • Women in the Military
  • Poems that Make the Heart Think!

Here’s the opening paragraphs of my piece to tempt you!

Tears sprung to my eyes as I read the words on the page. The author had written the following:

‘A few weeks later when Jean knew the time had come, she asked me for the drugs. As wrenching as it was, I had to agree. We spent the morning reminiscing about our twenty-two years together. Then, after dissolving the pills in some coffee, we said our last good-byes. I watched as Jean picked up the coffee and drank it down. She barely had time to murmur ‘Goodbye, my love’ before falling asleep. Fifty minutes later she stopped breathing’. From Final Exit by Derek Humphry)

My tears were there because I wished, so wished, that my husband and I had been able to have that kind of ending together. It didn’t happen though, not least because he was afraid of dying.

When you’re afraid of death, naturally enough you turn away from it, like we do with anything of which we are afraid. However…

Get your copy of the book now to find out what happens next…

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  1. Anne on November 24, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Congratulations Jane – delighted for you that you’ve have co-authored this book. Wishing you more success and happineness in what you do!
    Love n light

    • Jane Duncan Rogers on November 25, 2016 at 10:57 am

      Thanks Anne, really appreciate that!

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