What eggs are you hatching?

This morning, walking through the woods alongside the loch at the back of my house, I checked to see if the swan was still sitting on her nest.

First I saw her mate, head dipping below the dark green water, popping up now and again with a bit of weed between his beak.  On a small island of reeds towards the other side of the loch was the female swan, and sure enough, sitting on her eggs. Here’s a pic of them both:

Every year this pair are here. Every year they go through this ritual involved in ensuring the eggs are hatched safely and then a flock of little cygnets start to explore the loch.

The female swan though, is reliant on her mate to help her. Together, they are able to protect the eggs, keep them warm and ensure their safe hatching. This is team work extraordinaire!

And it made me think how important working with a team is, especially when you are wanting to hatch something. Whether it’s as a result of loss or not, every new beginning is easier when there is support. The swan has the support of her mate, and the large nest they made from twigs and other debris. When the cygnets are born, her mate continues to look out for them all.

Although I no longer have a mate to support me in my work,  I receive a lot from many other sources – my cleaner, a business coach, a mastermind group, a business buddy, and several Facebook groups.

What about you? What are you hatching? Are you sitting on your eggs? Nurturing a new-born babe in some way?  Have you got help or are you trying to do it all on your own? Is it time to reach out for support?

I’ve been an expert in ‘hatching’ things all my life in various different forms, so if you’d like a conversation to help you get clear on what you are hatching, or would like to hatch, then email me now!  I’d love to hear from you.

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