What is the cost of the Facilitators training?

What is the cost of the Facilitators training?  This is a question I’ve been asked a few times.  So here it is in a nutshell, and why it’s that price.

Our accredited end of life plan facilitation training costs £1997.


There, I’ve said it, upfront.


Nearly all the marketing gurus say not to do this until I have demonstrated the value to you. But I’m a bit fed up with that, because I’ve noticed that I nearly always take a look at what something costs before I go back and look in depth at what that person is offering.


So I thought I’d put it out there upfront, and if you don’t want to read on, you don’t have to.



if you’re curious as to why the training costs this precise amount,

here’s a few reasons why.


My experience:

You see, you’re not just getting the training itself, you’re also getting the benefit of the huge amount of time and money I have spent before I even began researching about end of life. Marry that with my previous experience and study in psychology, counselling, personal growth, coaching, leadership skills, and group leader skills since 1979, and you have a very experienced person leading you.  And that’s not to mention the twice-a-week for 3 years personal psychotherapy I committed to, and the benefits I’ve received as a result of that.

It all adds up to the person I am now, the confidence I have, and the ability to hold trainees well, both 1:1 and in a group.

It SAVES you money:

Yes, people actually save money by getting their own plan done. That’s because part of doing the training is getting your own plan done, as I don’t believe you can authentically and ethically teach others without having done it yourself. When you do your own plan, you save your family HUGE amounts of time (and therefore money) when they come to the administration of your estate once you have gone. I know you care about that, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this far.

A high quality product:

Each time we run a training, it gets better. That’s because we ask for participant’s feedback on each module, so we can tweak as we go, as well as updating information according to current laws, state of awareness of the topic, and added research, all required by our accrediting organisation, the Continuing Professional Development Institute, meaning it counts towards any CPD hours you need to log.   Not to mention it makes it more of a collaborative affair, and I am all for that, as many of our trainees have loads of experience in associated backgrounds. So we end up with better quality of products, more relevant information, improved teaching methods, and it’s more interactive.

An investment in you and your family/friends:

I invite you to think of the money you pay out for the training as an investment in yourself, your family and those people whose lives you touch through your work with this.  That’s the thing about training – it stays with you forever, in one way or another. When you allow what you are learning to sink into your bones, it cannot help but trickle out through your very presence, no matter what you are doing, where you are, or who you are with.


Specifically with this training, it means you will be the ideal, natural person for others to talk about life – and the end of it – whenever that is an important issue for them.


I’ve sometimes been asked why don’t we just charge £2000 and be done with it.  Well, it IS of course the very best part of £2000. But the thing is – it’s well-known that pricing something just under the rounded-up amount, feels less.  It may only be a couple of quid/dollars less, but hey, £2000 sounds so much more than £1997, even if you do round it up in your head to the full £2000.  That’s psychology for you!

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