The 8 Essentials for Creating A Good End of Life Plan

The opportunity to get started right now on your plan!

By answering the question in each of these essential areas, you will have made a good start on your end-of-life plan.

The areas are

  • your last weeks and medical care needs (including advance decisions)
  • the legals (will and powers of attorney)
  • your household (who takes care of what)
  • your funeral wishes
  • your digital life
  • your living legacy

It'll be a lot better than nothing even though there's more to take care of - but this work gets done usually in small, steady steps.

Whether you want to take small or big steps,  this resource is a really great starting point!

PS if you want a paper copy of this document, please contact us here, ask for it and give us your address (UK only)


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