The Before I Go Solutions Facilitators Training Programme

Help Others Prepare Well For End of Life

Join over 130 people who have already enjoyed our facilitator training programme and are working towards our mission to create a world where we are at ease talking about and planning ahead for death

Did you know that during the pandemic, while applications to make a will rose by 78%, only a quarter of those people actually followed through and made a will? The other ¾ need help actually getting that well done - not to mention all the other components of a good end-of-life plan.

As a Certified EOL Plan Facilitator, this is where you come in!

Our comprehensive training equips you to guide others in creating their end-of-life plans, offering peace of mind, reassurance, and relief to them and their families.  We provide certified intensive training, tools, systems, and ongoing support, empowering you to significantly impact this crucial field.

Our training is the only certified program in Europe and the rest of the world that qualifies students as certified End of Life Planning Facilitators. This unique qualification enables you to work internationally in various capacities, contributing to our mission of fostering a world where we are comfortable discussing and planning for death.

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The Information Sessions

We are hosting multiple FREE Information Sessions about this unusual opportunity. Click below to register and get the link to the live call. What you’ll discover on the Info-Session:

  • An overview of the Certified Training (including how it works, the proven systems and more)
  • The characteristics needed to be a successful, certified Facilitator (so you’ll know for sure if it’s for you)
  • Why Part 1 of the Programme is you doing your own end of life plan (and why that is so crucial before you help others)
  • The investment required and the next step (to join a growing movement and make a big contribution in the world)
    how helping others in this way trickles down, making a dramatic impact and positively affecting partners, children, grandparents, and friends

Upcoming Events

Information Sessions - September 2024 Intake

Monday 8 July 2024

6.30pm UK time

Thursday 22 August 2024

8pm UK time

Tuesday 3 September 2024

7.30pm UK time

Social Media Go Lives

LinkedIn Live

Thursday 27 June at 12.30pm (UK)

Facebook Live

Thursday 27 June at 6.30pm (UK)

Instagram Live

Friday 28 June at 12.30pm (UK)

Scholarships (now open for May & September intakes)

Why Scholarships?

Everyone should have the opportunity to complete this vital training. End-of-life planning is not just a task; it's an essential step towards ensuring peace of mind and dignity for oneself and loved ones. By introducing scholarships, we aim to break down barriers and empower individuals from all walks of life to engage in this crucial conversation.

The impact of end-of-life planning cannot be overstated. It's about empowering individuals to make informed decisions, facilitating meaningful conversations, and providing comfort during life's most challenging moments. Together, we can make a profound difference in people's lives.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to become a certified End of Life Plan Facilitator! Apply for our scholarships today and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and compassionate service.

The cost

Each scholarship is worth £750. The original cost of the course is £1497 (saver rate) but with the scholarship, the payment would only be £747.

Application closing dates

For our September 2024 intake, the closing date is 6 September.  We will confirm all successful applications before 9 September.

Payments will be due before the start of the course on 17 September 2024. .

Impact Scholarship

This scholarship is for forward-thinking individuals passionate about shaping a sustainable future in the death industry. There are many unsustainable practices within the industry, which, through our facilitation, we hope to help people avoid.  We invite candidates who are passionate about increasing awareness of sustainable options in the death industry.

Diversity Scholarship

Focused on closing the gap across the disciplines of the death industry, this scholarship supports traditionally underrepresented talents, including the LGBTQIA+, individuals from Black, Asian, traveller and mixed heritage, as well as neurodiverse backgrounds, to bring diverse voices to the death industry.

Talent Scholarship

This scholarship aims to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals who demonstrate the potential for innovative thinking for the death industry and have the ambition to launch their entrepreneurial ventures. It encourages those with entrepreneurial ideas to take the next step toward making their visions a reality.

Criteria & Evaluation Process

100-worded motivation statement and submit your CV to give us a glimpse of your previous educational or professional background.

Committee evaluation: Our dedicated scholarship committee will diligently review your application.

All applications to be received 2 weeks before the start date. We will come back to you one week before the course starts. 

For diversity scholarship: Applicants must be a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group.

Programme dates

Starts: 20 February 2024

Ends: 21 May 2024

Weekly virtual calls every Tuesday

7pm UK Time (2pm Eastern)

Starts: 28 May 2024

Ends: 20 August 2024

Weekly virtual calls every Tuesday

7pm UK Time (2pm Eastern)

Starts: 17 September 2024

Ends: 17 December 2024

Weekly virtual calls every Tuesday

7pm UK Time (2pm Eastern)

“I saw your Workbook, thought ‘what a wonderful idea’, bought it on the spot, sure I was going to get going immediately with filling it in. Six months later and I hadn’t even opened it. That’s when I knew I needed some help.”

Jane MacDuff, Scotland

"This training allowed me to share my fears and concerns"

"This training has deepened my appreciation of why it's so important to have a positive end-of-life plan! While it's not an easy or comfortable prospect, the training allowed me to share my fears and concerns while at the same time providing me with valuable tools to meet this challenge and a safe space to share my experiences. Thank you!"
Head Facilitator Michael Williams, Canada

“My friend died before she’d been able to ensure her money went to her daughters. Instead her estate went to her ex-husband who spent it on going abroad with the girlfriend he’d had during their marriage”

Patty, USA

"100% worth it!"

"Entering into this course, I held little expectation other than to complete my EoL plan and to test my skills in supporting others to do the same. However it has most definitely surpassed what I had pictured for myself. Other than my plan being completed, it has helped me so much with my own grief journey (a lot of healing has taken place) eased some of my major fears around death and dying. Given me clarity about choices, some I did not know I even had. Opened up my options to a career that helps people through an extremely important service. Also connecting with some truly amazing people along the way. Not forgetting the fantastic support from Jane and the rest of the team at BIGS. I would highly recommend completing your EoL with the BIGS team and if you are considering the facilitator course, definitely go for it! It is 100% worth it"
Danielle Cole, London, England

"The level of support and knowledge has been exemplary"

"This has been the best training I have done, and I have trained in many therapies! The level of support and knowledge has been exemplary. I have confidence I can begin to do this, I know I have much to learn but this is the only training I have completed feeling this. I haven't felt this inspired about anything since I did a cranial training 35 years ago!"

Penn Shewring, England

“I feel more empowered and confident to present myself to the world and share the knowledge I’ve learned in this intense and detailed course. It was worth every penny!”

Kathleen Odom, End of Life Plan Facilitator, USA

3 Simple Steps to become a Before I Go Solutions®
Certified End of Life Plan Facilitator

Step 1

Register for the Information Session

Step 2

Chose your payment option between regular or saver

Step 3

Begin the Programme and join our community

What do you get in the Facilitators Community?

  • Access to BIGS Method online course for your own clients
  • Access to the full FC Resources platform
  • Own page on BIGS website
  • Usage of BIGS branding materials
  • Monthly Live 90 minute Community Calls with me and our trainers for support with your EoL work, sharing of experiences, professional development and Q&A
  • Regular interviews with professionals in their field
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What is the investment?

£1,497 paid in full

Payment plans available on request.  Email requests.

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